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Vogue 8815, third time (almost) lucky

What did I say in my last post about making the same pattern more than once?  This is my third go at Vogue 8815.  This time I implemented all the small changes that I had decided on after making the first and the second version.

Vogue 8815

The fabric is a light weight ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics (Prada, apparently!) and I love the print and the handle. This time around I cut out size 12 through the body and size 10 through the chest and shoulders.  I think that I should have taken smaller seam allowances through the body though – it’s a bit too tight.  Once again in the interest of full sewing/blogging disclosure, you can see that in the photo of the back.  Bummer.

Vogue 8815

Had better get those smoothing garments out again! I shaved a little from the sleeve cap again, and lowered the front neckline about an inch. I cut the back pieces on the fold to eliminate the back zipper, and used a strip of self-fabric to face the neckline. I also did my usual short-waisted alterations – you can make them out here.

Vogue 8815 bodice alterations

I just take a tuck out at the “lengthen/shorten” line that is often printed on the pattern piece. I actually think that I took a tiny bit more out than needed this time – it’s all trial and error, depending on the pattern. I suppose that technically I could make a “muslin” first…

Vogue 8815

Anyway, I know that this top will get loads of wear! It will coordinate nicely under the red leather jacket I had tailored for me in Bali last year, and since there was a tiny bit of fabric left over, I’ve made a matching skirt. It’s just a simple one based on the StyleARC Fay skirt, but shortened due to fabric restrictions. The fabric restrictions also stopped me from self-lining it, so I have just taken a simple twin needle stitched hem.

StyleARC Fay skirt in fabric from Darn Cheap

Now I just need photos of the top and skirt worn together. I reckon that with my black boots and red jacket I’ll be looking pretty good!  And I do think that there could still be another Vogue 8815 view C still in me…


6 thoughts on “Vogue 8815, third time (almost) lucky

  1. Ooh I really like this version on you, that print and color is really flattering with your hair color. Did you change the size of the peplum it looks alot more streamlined?

  2. I won’t say I told you so, but… (I guess I just did), I knew this pattern would look good on you! I think you have just about nailed the fitting this time and I really like the fabric you have chosen. Red is one of my favourite colours! I also have a autumn version of this pattern planned if I ever get some time to sew….sleep is overrated isn’t it?

  3. Fantastic! Looks great.
    Thank you for showing the pattern pieces – that’s really useful when people describe fitting changes. I used to sew a lot, but stopped for years, and now I’ve put on weight, I’m very anxious about sewing and finding it hard to start, because I fear I’ll look crap in anything I make, and/or will have to spend hours on fitting. SO, it helps me to hear others have to fiddle with fitting. Thank you for sharing.

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