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Vogue 8813 – again!

Sometimes I wonder why it is that I often remake something that I’ve made before, when I have such an extensive stash of un-used patterns clamouring for my attention.  I suppose it’s basically just because I know what has already worked for me!  Which is why I gave Vogue 8813 another whirl.

Vogue 8813

This dress has been described by it’s designer as a “french house dress”. I wear my previous version often. I like the v-neckline, the centre ruching, and the weird, huge, baggy pockets. Not that I ever carry anything in them! As with my last make, I sewed a casing along the top of the pockets and added elastic to draw it up into gathers, before sewing the pocket edges into the seams. I think it worked a little better on the last dress, as this time the fabric is a little beefier.  I made size Medium, as I did last time, with small alterations to shorten it through the body.

Vogue 8813

For all the action going on at the front, the back is really rather plain. A centre back seam in the bodice, and the seam where the bodice joins the skirt. There are no side seams for the skirt; they join onto the long front panel. Actually, there aren’t many pattern pieces at all for this dress – just five, from memory – it is quite cleverly drafted.

Vogue 8813

The back neckline folds over and is stitched down to enclose the back neck seams. This makes it sit beautifully at the back, then open out to a V-neckline with a little fold at the front. The centre ruching does take a little bit of attention in order to keep it nice and secure. There is actually a video tutorial on how to do it – not that I followed it!

Vogue 8813

The three quarter sleeves are a cut-on dolman. Very easy to wear. And the fabric? It’s a mystery knit from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 per metre table. It is quite substantial, yet quite stretchy. Stella thinks that it looks like clouds in the day-time sky, or stars in the night. Me? I just see 1980s acid-wash denim.

mother and daughters

Just ending with a gratuitous mother/daughters photo! And you haven’t seen the last of that fabric yet…

Edited to add: Have you seen the amazing entries in the Tessuti Gridlock Contest?  There are so many incredible garments that have been made.  I have no idea how they could possibly choose a winner.  So many talented sewists!


6 thoughts on “Vogue 8813 – again!

  1. I always seem to remake successful makes at least once. Often I’ll use a cheapy fabric for the first incarnation, and then if it’s a goer, I crack out a version in luxe fabric.

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