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Last month I did a little crochet pattern testing, and now that the pattern has been released I can show you what I made!  Caprione skirts, one each for Clare and Stella.

Clare's Caprione

Caprione skirt

I crocheted the 8-10 year size for Clare and the 3-4 year size for Stella, each based on their waist measurement. The waistband has elastic threaded inside it once you have finished crocheting, so has a little size flexibility. I love the floral detail near the hemline, and of course, I love the ripples.

Clare's Caprione

Stella's Caprione

Both skirts are crocheted in Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8 ply, in the shades of Lipstick Rose and Blueberry. I ran out of the Lipstick Rose when crocheting Stella’s skirt, which is why the last few rows of hers are done in the Blueberry as well as the feature flower row. But I actually rather like it this way! This skirt pattern would lend itself nicely to varied stripe widths in the two colours. Hmmm, maybe another time. Both girls rather like their skirts and I anticipate that they will both get quite a lot of wear once winter hits.

Clare's Caprione

Caprione skirt

As usual, I have a few different crochet projects under way at the moment. The Wool-eater blanket that I started back in around 2009, a Noro scarf for myself, and possibly a winter vest. With Easter weekend coming up I’ll need some hooky fun!


4 thoughts on “Caprione

  1. Ok just stop! Quilting, sewing, knitting and now crochet… I can’t take anymore. That said and I’m feeling so much better for getting that off my chest, these are staggeringly beautiful skirts on equally beautiful girls.

  2. They’re great Lara – one question: did you alter the lengths on them at all? (I’m going to lengthen one for Lexi, and just wondered if you shortened them for your girls)

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