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Victory Patterns Satsuki

So, this is the dress that I did wear to the dinner!  The Victory Patterns Satsuki dress.

Victory Patterns Satsuki dress

Yes, it’s a sack – but a very bright, comfortable, satiny, slippery sack, with fluttery sleeves and a front flounce. And had I mentioned colourful?

Victory Patterns Satsuki dress

I’ve just noticed that in the photo of the back the facing has flipped up – which is definitely not how I wore it! I threw this dress back on to get photos taken in a hurry the other day, and obviously didn’t pay a great deal of attention to the details. Anyway, back to the dress. It’s very simple to make, even in the slippery satiny fabric (from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 per metre table a little while ago). The v-neckline is a nice depth, not too low, but still low enough to give some proportion. I sewed it in size 10, and shortened it a couple of inches to allow for my lack of height. It is much shorter on the models in the pattern photos than it is on me, and I am still tossing up whether I should take it up another inch or two. It’s right on the knee at the moment.

Victory Patterns Satsuki dress

I’d rather like to give the other version of the dress a try too. It has circular cut-outs at the shoulder, and a tie belt threaded through buttonholes at the sides. It still has the v-neck, but no centre front flounce. There are some more satiny slippery fabrics in my stash that could be fun in this pattern. Recommended! And it allows you to eat a huge dinner at a professional association function without any discomfort. Win!


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