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happy hexagons

Do you remember when I showed you my Mum’s hand-pieced hexagons in progress?  Well, now I can show you the finished quilt!

Happy Hexagons quilt

I am so incredibly impressed that Mum hand-pieced the top of this quilt. I think that the borders might have been attached by machine, but otherwise it was many an evening of needle and thread.

Happy Hexagons quilt

Mum learned to hand-piece hexagons in a class taught by Kath Gale of Patchwork Charm. The long-arm quilting was done by Sue Evans of Quirky Quilter. I think that the swirls complement the hexagons beautifully.

Happy Hexagons quilt

And here’s the back!

Happy Hexagons quilt

Mum is already working on another hand-pieced quilt, also hexagons, but entirely different to these ones. I am really enjoying watching her progress (and thinking of the beautiful family heirloom quilts that will grace my daughters’ houses one day). Size wise, the quilt that she just completed is almost the size of a queen sized bed.

Happy Hexagons quilt

I also love watching the way that Mum operates when she is making a quilt. She buys just enough fabric, never any more than needed. In fact, with this quilt she bought small pieces of fabric at a time, only buying more as she ran out and wished to vary the palette a little. There is no leftover, no waste. She gets just the right amount for each part of the process. It is entirely the opposite of the way that I currently sew.

Happy Hexagons quilt

Congratulations Mum – this quilt is absolutely wonderful, and you should be very proud of your work!  (And by the way, Mum does have a name – it’s Alison).


12 thoughts on “happy hexagons

  1. Fantastic effort! I must say I always get way more fabric than I need, and then end up making another quilt with the left overs. I am doing some mini hexies at the moment and its very relaxing.

  2. Your mother has done a beautiful job. Hope you post her next creation. As a long time lurker, I want to say thank you for sharing your creativity with the www. You do lovely work too. Hm, must run in the family. The little quilt that your daughter did for the show (?) was also so cute.

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