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StyleARC Linda stretch pant

I needed some work pants.  You know, the sort that are simple, with a fairly straight leg, but are in a stretch fabric so that they are comfortable when sitting at a desk all day.  After my success with their other pant patterns, it was pretty obvious that I should give StyleARC a try.  Enter the Linda stretch pant.

StyleARC Linda stretch pant

This pattern is designed for stretch wovens, such as bengaline. I used a stretch woven with plenty of stretch from the Darn Cheap $2 per metre table, not a bengaline, but something with loads of give and recovery. Plenty of stretch is important for this pattern because the pants pull on, with an elasticised waistband.

StyleARC Linda stretch pant

I feel that I must be a “serious” sewing blogger now if I am prepared to exhibit my midriff on the internet.

StyleARC Linda stretch pant

StyleARC patterns are single sized. I usually just order them in what I would buy ready to wear (in Australian sizing). So a size 10 for pants and 12 for tops and dresses. Size 10 for pants is always knowing that I need to let them out at the waist, or else make sure that they are a stretch fabric. A size 10 waist doesn’t even remotely go around my middle, but I usually need the 10 for hips and legs.

StyleARC Linda stretch pant

These photos are all taken at the end of a day of work, so after twelve hours of wear. The fabric has definitely relaxed a bit, especially at the back thigh. They look a little like they are disappearing up my, ahem, bum a little in these photos, but they didn’t feel that way in wearing. I wasn’t having to hoick them out all the time.

StyleARC Linda stretch pant

These were intended as a muslin, or trial pair. But I think they’re quite wearable as they are. I’d welcome suggestions about adjustments that you think would improve the fit further. They have those back of the thigh folds and wrinkles that most ready to wear pants have on me, and although the waist is comfortable, I could still let it out a bit. I cut the elastic to the same measurement as the waistband that encases it, so it is a little stretched on my body, as my waist measures larger. Thank goodness for stretch wovens!

StyleARC Linda stretch pant

They are blind hemmed by machine – Clare did a great job of pinning the hem to the right length for me.  Super easy to construct too. It’s all about the drafting, and tweaking it to fit your own shape. I’m pretty happy with this muslin. I actually wore it with a long vest over the top – hides the back leg wrinkles and bottom creep!

StyleARC Linda stretch pant

Looking at these photos, I reckon I could have made a size 12.  But I’m implementing plans to lose the weight I put on over the last year, and that will affect the fit too. When I lose weight lots of it goes from my bottom and legs.  I wish it would go more from my waist and stomach!  I don’t think that there is really such a thing as “perfect” fit, especially in pants. What is “perfect”? Who says? But there is certainly better fit, and more flattering fit, and their inverse.  And yes, I know that black t-shirt doesn’t fit well at all around my middle – the main reason for the vest over the top!  But fit suggestions and alterations for these pants are welcomed and encouraged.


10 thoughts on “StyleARC Linda stretch pant

  1. Wow, I think they look great, and you look fab in them, and next time you should skip the vest! (Also, loved the point about being a serious sewing blogger when you show the detailed fit pics. But really, it does advance the cause of sewing so hooray for you!)

  2. I saw these pants rated highly on Pattern Review and couldn’t believe that we haven’t made them yet. I think they look good on you Lara and agree witth the above. Perfect for workwear too

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