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world maths day

The girls’ school participates in a number of interesting events.  Today they celebrated World Maths Day.  As part of the school’s participation, each of the students was invited to wear a number to school.  Of course, I didn’t remember that part until last night.  So at 7pm I was scrambling through their t-shirts to find plain ones to applique.  Unsurprisingly, there weren’t any plain t-shirts.  So I had to make some.


It’s the Oliver + S Hopscotch dress/top pattern to the rescue again! I knew that I had this pattern already traced at the correct sizes, and given that I’ve sewn it a few times, I knew that I could whip two of them up without too much difficulty.


Both girls had input into what I made. Clare decided on a dress and chose blue fabric, whereas Stella preferred a pink top. Both chose the elastic neckline trims, and the fabrics for their appliques. And obviously, each chose to have her age appliqued on the front.


But the backs – now, that is much more fun!


Pi and infinity! I finished the sewing a little after 10pm, in between getting the girls showered and off to bed and a few other household chores. It was all worth it when I heard the squeals of excitement early this morning when they got up and found their new “number clothes” and very quickly climbed into them. A great success!


14 thoughts on “world maths day

  1. You’re a super Mum! Miss B’s kinder teacher now knows that I sew (what don’t our children’s teachers know about us?). I’m currently re-doing all the elastic in the art smocks and have an order for three table cloths to be made like fitted sheets. When will I learn to say no? Or wait, it’s for kinder, I couldn’t say no…

  2. The pants look great and fabulous for a day at work, yes you are a sewing blogger and always so generous with your previews much appreciated and I too have the rectangular figure, ah! the wide waist oh well that’s how we have been made, and as always your girls are such cuties, thanks girls for all your modelling…happy sewing.

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