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Vogue 8815

It’s interesting how when you see a certain style around for a little while, you grow to like it.  Even when at first you were highly dubious.  Slowly, little by little, it creeps into your consciousness.  And after some time it’s mainstream, it’s not weird or unusual, and you should certainly give it a try at least before you dismiss it completely.  Enter Vogue 8815.  I have succumbed, and jumped on the peplum top bandwagon.

Vogue 8815 view B

So, what do you think? Not so bad after all? I rather like it, and my husband and kids approved. But I’m still not entirely sure whether that is because we’re getting used to the silhouette, or because it suits me. It’s not as good from the back though, but I think that’s mainly a fitting issue.

Vogue 8815 view B

So, the details. I made view B. I used a ribbed cotton/spandex knit that was in my stash (actually the leftovers from these leggings, and a beautiful quality fabric that I need to buy more of). I cut it out at size 14 for the width, but size 12 through the armholes and upper chest. I deepened the front neckline by an inch at centre front, grading up to nothing by the shoulder seam. I didn’t alter the back neckline at all. I used an invisible zip in the centre back, but a shorter one than recommended by the pattern, so it didn’t go all the way down to the hem. I also cut a strip of fabric to make a neck facing, attaching it the way I usually do when adding facings to edges that contain an invisible zip. All hems, and the neckline facing, were secured with twin needle stitching.

Vogue 8815 view B neckline detail

So, my verdict? I actually like it. I think that next time I make it in a stretch fabric, I will cut it out a size smaller. There is definitely plenty of room across the back – it’s really too big there. I’ll possibly cut it as a 12 through the body and a 10 through the shoulders, and will shave a bit more from the sleeve cap.  I’ll leave out the back zipper, and cut the back pieces on the fold, . Because I deepened the front neckline and because it’s a stretch fabric, I can get it on over my head. I really like the shaping that the darts give, especially the darts at the back shoulders, and the peplum does skim over the tummy. The other school mums gave it compliments this morning, so I must have done something right with trying a new style.

Vogue 8815 view B with StyleARC Tori crop pant

But you can tell me ever so politely if I’m deluding myself and should stick to empire lines and cross-overs (which I will still make and wear anyway, of course). But you’d better tell me soon – because I’m planning on heading up to the sewing room this afternoon and cutting out some long sleeved versions for winter. I might even try View C with the high-low (or “mullet”) hemline!


15 thoughts on “Vogue 8815

  1. I think this looks great and when you fine tune the pattern it will be a real winner! It’s funny that you wore yours today because I just wore my jacket version of this with the dress today. I will definitely be making another as a jacket and need to try it as a top also!

  2. It looks really nice on you, and I love the explanations of how you have altered the pattern to your needs, it is of great help to me as I am not an expert, although I love sewing.

  3. Like all the others I think it suits you as well .It is very flattering . It pairs up well with your choice of pants too. You are quite tall I think? so I wonder if lowering the waist seam as well for the next version might work – the waist seam looks like it hits above your natural waist line ???

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