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StyleARC Marni jacket

By now you all know that I attempt to dress to hide my waist and stomach, don’t you?  Anyway, sometimes that means that I probably veer towards loose and sacklike more than I should.  And it’s why I’ve avoided the peplum trend.  But recently, I’ve been thinking about one of my favourite “tailored” jackets.  Although it is tailored only in regards to having set in sleeves, a collar, multiple seams, and being made from a woven fabric, it is a jacket that is quite shaped, with princess seams front and back.  It actually does give me the semblance of a waist.  I feel good in it every time I wear it – actually, I’m wearing it as I type! With that in mind, I purchased the StyleARC Marni jacket pattern.

StyleARC Marni jacket (in a stretch woven)

The pattern was designed for ponte fabrics, but there was also a note that it would be suitable for a stretch woven, and that is what I used. The stretch sateen comes from Spotlight – and I am tempted to buy more! I love both the colours and the scribbly swirls. Like most of the StyleARC patterns I’ve used so far, this came together perfectly. Every piece fitted together exactly as it should. I made the size 12 with no alterations, hoping that this would be a “wearable muslin”.

StyleARC Marni jacket (in a stretch woven)

Because I didn’t make any alterations, this doesn’t actually do up on me. But I’m happy to wear it open – and it doesn’t have a closure yet anyway. And hopefully in a few months time after some concerted exercise it will do up! Like most StyleARC patterns, the instructions are more of an order of construction, although there are a few parts where more explanation is given, with corresponding diagrams. I used the burrito method to secure the facings to the inside neck and shoulder seams, which worked fine. Since the details aren’t all as easy to see in these photos, I’ll go through them: it’s a shawl collared jacket, with 3/4 length sleeves when folded back (I didn’t fold them back in these photos) with a split in the cuff, front princess seams, and a peplum with front pleats that line up with the front princess seams. The princess seams are top stitched, and I top stitched around the sleeve/cuff seam as well.

StyleARC Marni jacket (in a stretch woven)

So predictably, this isn’t the first time that you’ll see this jacket on me. There is some ponte in my stash that is definitely calling it’s name.  Now that I’ve seen that some shaping and a subtle peplum might actually work on my shape after all – and especially because I’ve been drooling over this beautiful jacket made by one of my favourite sewing bloggers Carolyn – I might even make a peplum top (or two)!

StyleARC Marni jacket (in a stretch woven)
And the weather was cool enough today that I could have worn it very comfortably (unlike on the weekend when these photos were taken and it was incredibly hot). Melbourne, you’re such a fickle city!


14 thoughts on “StyleARC Marni jacket

  1. I have been following your blog for quite sometime and really love everything you make. the jacket looks really lovely. One day I hope to be as talented as you but I just might need to practice some more.

  2. It looks great and the style really suits you. Have you thought about using the Vogue peplum pattern because it actually has a very similar cut. It is a very gently peplum which is only slightly flared….not a gather in sight.

  3. That’s really, really lovely! I’m not really a big fan of the peplum in general, and especially on my pear-shape, but in that jacket it’s just a great for waist shape. Great fabric choice too!

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