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another Tiramisu

A little like Vogue 1250, it appears that once you have made one version of the Tiramisu dress, you simply have to make another!

Tiramisu in Crafty Mamas bright viscose blend jersey

I was surprised at how fast this dress was to make the second time around. Because this time I wasn’t using a stripe or dramatically directional print, cutting out was quite straightforward. I didn’t need to work out what size pattern pieces to cut, because they had been determined last time, and I had taken note of the slight alterations that I needed to make during construction. And I left out the pockets (again).

Tiramisu in Crafty Mamas bright viscose blend jersey

Although I had toyed with the option of a contrast coloured midriff and bands, as you can see I decided to make the entire dress in the print. The rather amazing jewel toned print is a viscose blend jersey from Crafty Mamas. She really does stock beautiful quality fabrics in unusual designs. It was easy to sew and delightful to wear. And have I already mentioned that I love the way that the skirt swirls?

Tiramisu in Crafty Mamas bright viscose blend jersey

I shortened the neck band by about five inches, and gave it a decent amount of stretch as I stitched it on. It hugs the body much better than my previous version – no gaposis here at all!  I really like the way that the midriff band is customised to your own shape and size, with the top of it the width of the underbust seam and the bottom of it the width of the waist.  Mine is actually narrower at the underbust seam than it is at the waist, which I think is probably quite unusual.  But it’s a reflection of my apple shape – and this pattern allows me to easily customise the sizing accordingly.

Tiramisu in Crafty Mamas bright viscose blend jersey

Very pleased with the finished product!  Not much more to say about this pattern really, other than don’t be surprised if you see a winter version with long sleeves at some stage…


8 thoughts on “another Tiramisu

  1. Lovely! I just finished my first Tira tonight – & I have plans for another 2 dress versions, & at least one top. I just need to work out a FBA so the next one fits a bit better.
    Can’t wait to get my next Cake pattern!

  2. I absolutely love this fabric, but of course can’t find it located on their website at all. I think this dress would look fabulous with black trim around the waist and on the edges. Beautiful dress. I need to order the pattern. I’m inspired by your sewing, but wonder how on earth you manage to wear everything you make as you seem to have so many new clothes each week.

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