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My plans for today were completely derailed when I woke at 5.00am with a migraine.  Oh, what a waste of a good (both kids at school) day!  Now I am feeling okay again, other than rather exhausted.  Time to get back to the chiropractor for an adjustment to keep the migraines at bay!  Anyway, what was I saying?  Oh yes, plans for today.  Other than plans to have coffee with the school mums after drop-off and lunch with my special cousin Freya, I had hoped to squeeze in a little sewing or at least a little cutting out.  I also planned to photograph the jacket and dress that I finished during the week.  In the end, all that I have managed to do is to pair some fabrics and patterns.

StyleARC Marita dress + Darn Cheap Fabrics "Lettuce" knit

The StyleARC Marita dress and this incredibly vibrant poly/viscose knit print from Darn Cheap Fabrics, currently on their website as “Lettuce“. Looks more like Monstera to me than lettuce. But it’s certainly green – and those leaves are absolutely massive!

StyleARC Marie jacket + Darn Cheap Fabrics acid-washed-denim-look knit

The StyleARC Marie jacket, from this Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 per metre table score. Yes, it’s an acid-washed-denim-look light ponte-type knit. It is either so bad that it’s really good, or so bad that it’s really bad. Either way, I’m giving it a go in this pattern! And since I bought five metres, I might even make a pair of leggings from some of the remaining fabric – but NOT to wear at the same time as the jacket. I think. When my husband saw this fabric, his comment was “Kath or Kim“?

Planning - jacket and dress

I’d rather fancy Vogue 8552 made up in this yarn-dyed linen from Spotlight, paired with the Simplicity 2443 Cynthia Rowley jacket in this lurex coated leopard printed cotton/linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics.  Wondering if I should leave the cap sleeves off the dress this time and make it sleeveless.  I’ll definitely include those amazing pockets again.

Tiramisu plans

There’s also this amazingly bright jewel toned print from Crafty Mamas to be turned into a Tiramisu dress. I’m still trying to decide whether I will do the midriff band and the neckline and sleeve bands in the grey marle viscose knit (originally from Darn Cheap Fabrics), or to do the entire dress in the print. I’m wearing my first Tiramisu dress again today, and really appreciate the way it skims over the midriff fat rolls I’ve accumulated over the past year rather than highlighting them, and the way that the skirt swooshes when I walk up and down the stairs.  In fact, this might go to the top of my sewing queue!

Do you have sewing plans for the weekend?  Should I make the Tiramisu with the solid contrast, or all in the print?


5 thoughts on “sewing plans

  1. I’ve got the same problem with the tiramisu. I have gorgeous bright red floral and and a black midriff band would look really nice with it. However, I think I have decided not do it because my first version of the dress DOES have a contrast band and I’d like to see what the dress looks like without one.

  2. Hey Lara, I’ve been looking at some StyleArc patterns today – looks like there’s heaps of really good patterns – that marie jacket (on further inspection on your blog) looks really good – oh so much i want to do, so little time!!!! (sigh)

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