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McCalls 8740

In general, I think that loose/wide trousers don’t do me many favours.  But recently I remembered that I had a green and white gingham pair of trousers that I’d made from McCalls 8740 back in the 90s that I really loved to wear.  So I dug out the pattern and made another pair.

McCalls 8740 (copyright 1997)

I really do like this pair of pants. The fabric is a fairly tightly woven mid-weight cotton, in a very dark navy that is shifts slightly in colour throughout the weave. It came from an earlier raid on the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 per metre table. It was beautiful fabric to work with, and sewed and ironed perfectly.

McCalls 8740 (copyright 1997)

One of the nice details about this pattern is the pockets. They have a little “step” at the bottom, and are drafted with the curves of the abdomen in mind – they don’t lie flat when you have them on a table, but sit perfectly on the body. There is a simple elastic waist, with an additional drawstring tie threaded through buttonholes.

McCalls 8740 (copyright 1997)

The legs are very straight and full. I shortened the pattern in two places, halfway down the leg, and through the rise. Then I whacked two inches from the length as well, before turning a wide double fold hem and top-stitching it into place.

McCalls 8740 (copyright 1997)

These look ridiculously short and wide when on a hanger, but they fit me well. It’s all about proportion, I suppose! I tried them on with a loose top and it was a complete disaster – they need a top that either has some waist definition or is rather fitted. Of course, I will NEVER be tucking anything in to them.

McCalls 8740 (copyright 1997)

So, my verdict? I still think that this is a terrific pants pattern, despite the 1997 copyright date. It has reminded me that I used to own a pair of loose white linen pants and a pair of loose black washed-silk pants that I wore until they pretty much fell apart. Maybe they need to be re-created in this pattern too? Or are they a bit too much like pyjama pants?

McCalls 8740 (copyright 1997)
Maybe I need to press a crease down the centre.


14 thoughts on “McCalls 8740

  1. They look really good on you, and I love that top too, it makes a great outfit together! I am so sold on Darn Cheap, I would live there if I was in Melbourne!! It was great meeting you too, I wish we’d been able to have some more time to talk, but there’s always next time 🙂

  2. Rathdowne have sand washed silk/linen that would be perfect for these pants. It feels beautiful against the skin.
    Glad to know you’ll never be tucking the pants in, it’s really not a good look on anyone.
    I think you should make some in white.

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