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another StyleARC Tori

Another pair of StyleARC Tori crop pants. Exactly the same as the others, except in a different fabric.

StyleARC Tori crop pants - orange

This time I used a stretch woven cotton/lycra from The Fabric Store. It’s a wonderful orange, almost red, but not quite. It’s interesting how a different fabric changes the fit. It’s not drastically different, and both fabrics seemed to have an equivalent amount of stretch, but they’re not exactly the same.

StyleARC Tori crop pants - orange

I sewed these up as a size 10, taking about an inch and a bit out of the length midway between knee and hem by simply folding it out of the pattern. There is a very handy “lengthen or shorten here” line – it’s always worth using it! The leg vents came together very quickly the second time around.

StyleARC Tori crop pant - leg vents

I measured the waist elastic to be the same as the waist opening – because my waist actually measures larger! Because it’s a stretch fabric, they are still very comfortable on and stay up well. The back is drafted higher than the front, which is handy. No plumber’s crack!

StyleARC Tori crop pant - waistband

I’ve ordered the Linda stretch pant, hoping to make a good comfortable pair of work pants for winter.  And StyleARC’s new Marie Jacket slipped into my shopping cart too – it’s in ponte, one of my favourite easy wear fabrics.  I’m starting to plan my winter wardrobe – even though I haven’t finished sewing up the summer one yet!


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