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Miss Dawson’s stash

Well, here it is, Stella’s second full day of school.  She was in bed fast asleep at 6.45pm after day one, and slept for 13 hours straight.  A very tired but happy little girl!  I have to admit that I wasn’t far behind her in going to bed.  But am I twiddling my thumbs now that I am at home alone again today?  Clearly I am not!  My to-do list is incredibly long, full of things that I should do and things that I will actually do.  There’s a pair of pants to finish sewing, and a whole lot more.  But I thought that I’d better share Miss Dawson’s stash with you before I get too engrossed in projects.

Remember the wonderful old Singer 201K that I was given recently?  I was able to thank Miss Dawson in person for passing on her sewing machine, and she was equally thrilled to discover that someone who genuinely likes to sew was now the proud owner.  So she went searching through her things, and found her stash.  And passed it on to me too.

In the box - Miss Dawson's stash

Inside a large plastic box were all the above items.  A gorgeous old tin filled with threads, elastics, bias binding and similar notions.  A box full of accessories for the sewing machine.  Wide woven ribbons, hand-printed thai silk, batiks, laces, trims, a buttonholer, and patterns!

Miss Dawson's patterns

I’m going to make up that Marion Martin one. Just because it’s cute! So there’s another sewing goal for 2013 – to sew up one (or two) of Miss Dawson’s patterns. I’m sure that she’d love to see me wearing one to church!  It was so enjoyable to slowly go through the contents of the box and find all these treasures. I wonder if anyone will feel that way about my stash one day?


12 thoughts on “Miss Dawson’s stash

  1. Yes, they are treasures. And I’m sure someone will treasure your stash one day too. Let’s hope it’s one or both of your girls. Loving lots of those patterns, particularly the Style ones. Maybe your Marion Martin make would be perfect dress for high tea?

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