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Vogue 1306 view B

Often it’s another blogger who draws my attention to a pattern that I had previously overlooked.  I usually try to focus on the line drawings when I’m looking at patterns, because those models wearing the garments – whether photographs or illustrations – don’t look anything like me!  But this pattern hunting technique means that I don’t always spot patterns that might work for me.  So I always appreciate seeing patterns made up on “everyday” people.  I’ve just had success with a Vogue dress pattern that I might not have otherwise considered if I hadn’t seen it made up so beautifully on a number of bloggers – a blog post coming up on that one soon.  However, Vogue 1306 is a pattern that I bought for the line drawing.

Vogue 1306 view B

The fabric is a slub cotton/lycra jersey that I think I found at Darn Cheap, although I can no longer remember with certainty. It is very thin and light. I really love the colour, but it tends to stick to whatever clothing is underneath a little too much for my liking. The pattern has underbust gathers – which is great when you are waistless – and an interesting front placket. I accidentally made the front placket more interesting by attaching it with raw edges to the centre. Whoops. Although a friend complimented that “design feature” when I wore it yesterday, so it’s probably alright after all. The hem is a “mullet” hem – higher in the front, lower in the back.  I secured it and the sleeve hems with Lite Steam’a’Seam before twin needling them in place.  (I’m out of my preferred Vliesofix tape at the moment – sob!  Need to find a good online supplier).

Vogue 1306 view B

I used size Medium for this, which I did need through the bust, but I think that the shoulders are too large. And as much as I love the colour, and as comfortable as it was to wear, I’m not feeling the love for this top. Although I might give one of the other views a try. It is difficult to put my finger on what is wrong with it, but I think that it just isn’t “me”.  My husband didn’t like it much on me either.

Vogue 1306 view B

Looks as though this one might go to the friend who complimented the “design feature”!


8 thoughts on “Vogue 1306 view B

  1. Love that colour – and it really suits you, IMO. I like those gathers that don’t go all the way across. They look great. How similar do you think that cut is to the Tessuti Valerie top? If the Valerie had sleeves which pattern would you prefer? I haven’t seen the Valerie made up in a plain fabric so that you can really see what is going on, but I imagine the cut at the front anyway is pretty similar to this Vogue one?
    Happy sewing!

  2. I think the thing that’s standing out for me is the position of the underbust darts. If they were higher, sitting at the bottom of your bra, it might look like a better fit. They might also need some stabilising tape to keep them straight and avoid the droop at the point. Or I could be wrong on both counts – I avoid sewing knit tops!

  3. I agree with Jennie above. Being shorter (I’m the same height) some needs to be taken out there and yes the shoulders are too big. When doing the Designer’s course years ago, proportion wise, tops should finish on the hip bone, so maybe it is also a smidge long. I always feel dumpy in RTW tops that are not tunic length but ‘normal’ length as I am too short for them…The colour is really nice tho and I do like the style.

  4. Next time move the shoulders in a little (2 inches) and widen the sleeves at the cap to fit the larger opening.The drag lines show that even though you used a knit you could have a little more ease across the bust only in the front and maybe a little lengthening too. It is a good learning muslin which can be taken apart and used as a pattern next time.Sometimes fabrics just don’t co-operate with us no matter how much work we put into them.

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