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gorgeous gore skirt

Since I own more than a few StyleARC patterns, I’d better use them!  I bought the Gorgeous Gore Skirt pattern because I thought that it would be a versatile basic.  It’s designed for stretch fabric, has an elasticised waist in a casing formed at the top of a shaped yoke, and the skirt is made from six identical gores.

StyleARC Gorgeous Gore Skirt

This is such a busy fabric that you can’t see the design lines at all! It was some leftovers from another project, a poly/lycra jersey of the sort that stretches out fairly quickly. But not bad for a wearable muslin. Almost all the construction was on the overlocker. I folded about an inch from the length of the gore pieces because I thought that the skirt might end up at a frumpy (on me) mid-calf length. But it did anyway. I think that on me it needed to be quite a bit shorter, right on the knee, or quite a bit longer!

StyleARC Gorgeous Gore Skirt

I’ve definitely met my objective with this pattern though – it will make up into a comfortable skirt in a variety of knits. The yoke sits nice and flat against the body – I don’t like bulk around my waist. I might also slash and spread the gores to get a skirt with a larger circumference. I used the rolled hem feature on the overlocker to finish the edge, and estimate that this skirt took around an hour to make, including cutting out.

By the way, wordpress is doing weird stuff with stretching out my photos in the last few posts!  They all look fine and correctly proportioned when I write the blog post, but when I look at it once it is published everything is stretched.  With the result that I look much slimmer.  Which is not all bad.  But I want to fix this!  Any suggestions?  Is it only on my computer that they look this way?  They’re still fine in flickr.  And it doesn’t seem to be all the photos.  I especially noticed it in the mosaic from my last post.


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