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New Look 6071 (again)

Somehow I always feel a little bit smug when I use patterns for a second time.  I’ve suddenly halved the “cost per make” factor – well, the cost per pattern factor, really.  And when I use them more than twice – why, bliss!  I often theorise that the first time that I make something it is really a “wearable muslin”, and so I keep plenty of blog notes about what I’d do differently or what I would adjust the next time that I made it.  And then I forget to check my blog before diving in a second time, so repeat the same issues.

New Look 6071

Interestingly, I forgot to read my original blog post on New Look 6071, but it doesn’t seem to have affected the fit in any adverse way. I forgot to make the centre back and side seam allowances 1/4″ instead of 5/8″, but the dress still fits nicely – and doesn’t have many of the pull/drag lines across the back that were evident in the first version! Or maybe you just can’t see them with this fabric.  Poor stripe matching across that centre back seam –  but it was the best that I could do in this already mis-matched stripe!

New Look 6071

It’s a great reminder about what difference the fabric choice makes in the finished garment. Not merely in terms of the colour or print/pattern, but the qualities of the fabric such as drape, degree of stretch, the clingy factor, and so on. This is a textured knit jersey with minimal lycra content (you’ve seen it before in this dress) and I was originally quite hesitant about using it for New Look 6071. Looks like I was wrong! Interesting effects too with the wobbly stripes and the twist front.

New Look 6071

So considering that the fabric was leftovers and the pattern had been used before, maybe this does count as a “free” garment! The neckline is low, so it’s best with a camisole. The weather cooled off enough on Saturday for me to need another layer over it – I was quite happy with this styling.  Although it would have been vastly improved with some lipstick.

New Look 6071

Now, you’re all wondering about the bra-making progress, aren’t you? Well, I’ve assembled most of the “ingredients”. And my first lesson is that bra components are expensive to buy from Spotlight. And that no-one has a clue in store about what “powernet” and “tricot” etc are. Let alone knowing if they stock them, and where. I’ve quickly determined that the way to go when wanting to make pretty matching sets will be to buy fabric/fittings kits via the internet. In the meantime – I plan on cutting out my first bra today!  I was planning on sewing up some lovely loose yarn-dyed linen trousers today – but when I went to cut them out last night discovered that I hadn’t bought enough fabric.  I tried really hard, but there was no possible layout that would allow me to squeeze out the trousers.  Aaaargh!  So it looks like a jacket from one piece of linen, and a skirt from the other (yes, I bought two lengths of different colours).  But not today.

So, it’s the last full week of school holidays!  I’m still not back to work for another two weeks, which is wonderful.  I really did need this extended break.  I’m loving spending time at home, doing some sewing, some organising, some planning, and some of those jobs that you always put off until you are on holidays. We have had numerous kids over to play, been out to lots of activities, had dinner and lunches with friends, and are generally enjoying our time together.  Well, my husband is at work, so I’m enjoying my time together with the girls!  For some reason, Clare turning 10 and Stella about to start school feels quite momentous to me.  I can see that my babies are no longer babies – they have developed into such wonderful people and the world is their oyster.  2013 is going to be a huge year of change – but it’s good change.  Fingers crossed!


9 thoughts on “New Look 6071 (again)

  1. Great dress. It looks stylish and oh so comfortable. Love your rationale of a ‘free garment’. I’m with you on that one! Looking forward to seeing the outputs of your bra making efforts. Enjoy your time with the girls. We’re off to the beach for the day today.

  2. Nothing better than a ‘free’ dress – makes it all worth while. Last full week of holidays for the kids, but us poor teachers only have 1 more day left before returning to the coalfront….which means no more daytime sewing… 😦

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