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sewing challenge #1 for 2013

A few sewing challenges/goals for 2013 have been starting to coalesce within the whirlpool that is the “to-do-one-day” section of my brain.  Here is sewing challenge #1.


Completely inspired by the likes of my fellow Southern Hemisphere sewists Kazz, Carolyn, Katherine, Andrea, and the plethora of international sewists currently taking part in the Cloth Habit Bra Sew-making Along, I’ve decided to join in and make a bra!  After all, I’ve made my own undies and bathers before.  Time to try a bra – surely it won’t be too complex?  I’ve used a few different measurement calculators to work out what size to make, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the size that I usually wear at this weight!  So I’ve bought a copy of Kwik Sew 3300 on half-price sale, have cut out a photocopy of the pattern (in case it’s not the right size, I didn’t want to chop into the original pattern straight away), will ferret out some suitable fabric scraps from stash, will buy some underwires and casing, and will make a start this weekend.


6 thoughts on “sewing challenge #1 for 2013

  1. Hi lara, happy new year 2013, always love your blog and your many sewing achievements, just a quick question, what is the pattern for your ‘tablecloth skirt’, looks great love to make it but my search was unsuccessful.
    Thanks, Lyn

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