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seashore sundress

I did manage to finish sewing Clare a dress for her birthday!

Oliver + s Seashore Sundress, size 8

It’s the Oliver + s Seashore Sundress, in size 8. This is another delightful pattern from Oliver + s. The instructions were the usual excellent standard that I have come to expect from them. The construction was straight forward. I think that I spent more time in cutting out the dress, since I chose a directional fabric. There was a hell of a lot of stripe matching to do!

Oliver + s Seashore Sundress, size 8

There are princess seams down the front and the back, and the gathered skirt goes around the back but only to the princess seams at the side front. So I matched up the pattern as best I could aligning the stripes across the vertical seams while still managing to keep the repeat constant horizontally. Starting with the centre front piece and then working around the rest of the dress from there was the trick to the cutting layout! Much of it was single layer.

Oliver + s Seashore Sundress, size 8

There are little pockets tucked into each side of the skirt. So sweet! This dress lends itself very well to piping around the pocket and along the princess seams, but I didn’t include that detail.

Oliver + s Seashore Sundress, size 8

Such a terrific style for the hot days that we are now having in Melbourne. It is easy to sew, and I think it was assembled in around two hours (after cutting time). The fabric came from Spotlight some years ago. It’s such a fun design! I’ve used the alternate colourway before here and here and here.

Oliver + s Seashore Sundress, size 8

Clare had a lovely tenth birthday, and is spending as much time as possible glued to her new iPod touch. They have been the tenth birthday present of choice amongst her friends.  We’ve held off on hand-held electronic toys or games consoles until now, as the kids watch enough television and play enough computer games on my desktop computer (and my android phone) as it is. But now that we have succumbed, we’re amazed at how much they can do. She’s particularly enjoying Facetime with her grandmothers. Of course, now we are hearing the refrain of “can I have an iPod” from Stella.  My reply of “when you turn ten” is a difficult one for her to process at only five years old!


3 thoughts on “seashore sundress

  1. My goodness I’m so impressed with Claire’s dress. You did a wonderful job matching all those stripes. We are like you – there are certain birthday’s when the children get special items and despite all the pleading that item won’t be arriving until that age is reached. Hope you are surviving the heat.

  2. What an amazing job you’ve done matching the pattern! Your ‘finished list’ for 2012 is even more impressive given the amount of care you take with things like pattern matching etc. Well done – I’m off to have a cup of tea at the thought of attempting so many projects in one year.

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