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Diana’s Dress

Although this dress is called Diana’s dress, that is actually the pattern name.  It’s not for anyone called Diana!  It’s for me!

Diana's Dress

And it’s a size too small. Well actually, I’ve put on weight and I’m a size too big at the moment. So the fit isn’t as I’d like it to be. I started crocheting this dress at the beginning of October, and finished it at the end of November. Finding an appropriate slip to wear underneath was a bit of a challenge. I thought that I’d have to sew one, but I came across one at mesop that blended beautifully. I didn’t really want a contrasting colour.

Diana Dress - crocheted by me

I used Cotton 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills, thinking that I had enough in my stash. I was wrong of course – played yarn chicken yet again! And yes, the colour, New Ochre, had been discontinued. But as usual, it was Ravelry to the rescue, and I was able to purchase another ball from a fellow Raveller. Yippee!

Diana Dress - crocheted by me

This dress was worked in the round. I really do enjoy that type of construction! It was fun watching the filet pattern evolve and seeing the diamond shapes appear. I look forward to wearing this dress once I’ve lost some weight. I’m just too conscious of the back and midriff bulges at the moment.

Diana's Dress


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