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the closest my kids will get to having pets

They want a pet.  Can we have a dog?  Can we have a guinea pig?  Can we have SOMETHING?  They know that we can’t get a cat – my husband is allergic.  So they plead for a different animal.  But I just don’t fancy having to look after another living thing in our household.  I have enough trouble keeping the plants alive.  So as an alternative, they practice pet ownership on these.

the closest my kids will get to having pets

Many many years ago we did tell Clare that once she was at school, we’d consider getting a dog. Instead, we had Stella.


I hope that the New Year has begun swimmingly for everyone. We’re currently having a lovely family holiday in Canberra. There is SO much to do here, and in the limited time available to us we’re barely able to scratch the surface!  We’ve visited relatives and I’ve caught up with a special blog friend, we’ve been to Questacon twice, visited the National Gallery and the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition, and today will head in to see Parliament House and the National Portrait Gallery. And yes, all of these activities are indoor ones. We’re seeking the air conditioning. It’s hot here! But it cools down beautifully each night. We are lulled to sleep in the evening by the sound of burnouts and cars revving – Summernats is on at the moment too. So must dash – more touristy things to do today before the long drive home on Sunday!


9 thoughts on “the closest my kids will get to having pets

  1. You have to get them a pet, the best memories of childhood are the time spent with a pet. I recommend a small dog for your little girls. Do a pet matching questionaire online and see what breed would suit your family. You won’t regret it, the girls are great ages for taking on responsibility for pet ownership. Just do it!

  2. Great hat! Looks practical and I love that lining.

    Re the pet thing, it is a lot of effort and you have to get cover if you want to go away, also most ‘pets’ are not indigenous (sp?) to Australia, so you have to think about the impact on the local wildlife. However I supppose something small in a cage where you could make it the children’s job to care for (with supervision) might be ok. Ultimately you are the mum and it is your call! (I’m an ex cat owner).

    Cheers Ruthie

  3. We have a Bichon/Jack Russell. My husband is allergic to cats and my daughter is allergic to cats, horses and some dogs so a Bichon was the obvious choice because of it’s woolly fur. I was never an animal person but having a puppy (my kids still think of our dog as a puppy even though she is 5 years old) has taught my kids about compassion and commitment. They walk, feed, bath her and are supposed to do poop patrol as well. My daughter got her for her 11th birthday as I was sick of the pleading. I think it was the best decision we have made. It is a pain having a pet when holidays roll around but I find she is great company.

  4. I love it! When my kids where smaller all they wanted was pets, pets, pets! We have now settled on a Fighter Fish! No filter, only one can fit in a bowl, and they don’t make any noise!!! Off to have a peek around your blog…

  5. I remember going through that stage too! We had a decoupage cat named Prudence (she came with a name!) and we loved her! Then we convinced mum to get us Hermit crabs – easy to look after and very little mess. When we got older we were allowed a cat but allergies can make that tricky! I’m sure your girls will love the ‘pets’ they have now.

  6. No pets here either. And I’m backing you 100%! Totally another mouth to feed and thing to look after. Our theory is you can take children to national parks but not dogs! My father-in-law gave me 3 steel dogs for my birthday to sit in my garden. Love them!

  7. As someone who always had pets since first memories to now, they are a wonderful part of life. Yes as the parent you will have to do stuff often a lot but rewards out way chores. The love you get from a pet particularly a dog is just great and strangly enriching. Why I don’t know. Maybe it’s the feedback from your care of them. Give them love and they give back twice as much. I strongly advise no caged animals cos I’ve been there and the work of cleaning feeding keeping alive will be down to you I promise! Definitely do a pet or dog survey to see what type would suit your whole family. No you can’t fly off to the Bahamas at a moments notice but our dogs come almost everywhere with us they love it!

  8. I highly recommend chooks as pets! Low key, cheap to run, clean up the scraps & weeds, very funny & entertaining to watch; they love people ( get them young & handle them lots, they are happy to be cuddled sometimes!) Plus of course the amazing egs! Friends & neighbours are happy to feed them whrn we are away because then they get the eggs!

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