what I wore

what I wore – weeks 49 & 50

Work finished for the year.  Kinder/Childcare finished for the year.  School almost finished for the year.  Christmas shopping almost finished for the year.  Christmas sewing not yet finished for the year.  What I wore not quite finished for the year either, but not much more left.

what I wore - weeks 49 & 50

As much as I tried to be organised in advance for Christmas and to eliminate “unnecessary” tasks and duties, the past few weeks have been hectic and I’ve been feeling a little frantic.  There have been health issues of close friends and extended family to occupy our our thoughts and our prayers, and there have been the usual end of the year worries and the usual planning for the holidays worries.  There hasn’t been any vacant headspace.  I could do with some headspace.  I reckon that I’ll be able to find some between now and when I return to work at the beginning of February!


4 thoughts on “what I wore – weeks 49 & 50

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had worries too. What is it about December this year? It’s been an absolute horror. And ugh. Headspace – I can’t even remember what that is. I’ve spent the first few days of my holiday running around after people who seem intent on letting me down! I hope you get the peace you are after – and soon.

    All the very best for Christmas, Lara. Have a wonderful day with your family!

    Michelle xxx

  2. They don’t call it the silly season for nothing! I am trying to keep some perspective this year because I have a close family member who won’t be around to share Xmas with us again. I am trying to smell the roses so to speak. My youngest finished school yesterday so this is becoming easier by the day.

    I hope your Christmas pans out well and you get the rest you are wanting.

  3. It seems like this is the year for not-good December happenings, but luckily for us they’re balanced out by the good, such as a new nephew being safely born. Wishing us all headspace over summer x On a completely separate note, do you have a twin in country Victoria – I could have sworn I saw you today….I’m of the impression you’re in Melbourne tho?

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