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gone fishing

A long, long time ago I promised my husband that I’d making him a fishing shirt.  For his fishing trips.  Which are “fishing” trips.  Sometimes they don’t even take a fishing rod.  They’re really an excuse for my husband and his brother and his brother-in-law and his best mate to have a great time chatting, eating and drinking somewhere in the great outdoors.  Or occasionally the great indoors in a cabin if the weather is inclement.

Negroni shirt - version 2, short sleeves, no pockets

So his fishing shirt isn’t actually a fishing shirt with a myriad of pockets and handy things for when you are fishing. It’s a shirt with fish on it. To remind him of what he’s meant to be doing when he goes away for those weekends.

Negroni shirt - version 2, short sleeves, no pockets

He really didn’t know what to do with his hands in these photos – needs some more posing practice, I think! The shirt is view 2 of the Colette Negroni shirt (I’ve made view 1 before) without pockets or the collar loop. I figured that there was enough going on with this fabric to eliminate the need for any extra details! The back has a couple of small pleats to allow for movement, and the yoke is fully lined.

Negroni shirt - version 2, short sleeves, no pockets

I also sped up the sewing process by using my overlocker for the side and sleeve seams, rather than flat-felling them. I needed to get this finished by Christmas and still have time to get to more of the items on my list! It’s a lovely shirt, and I’m pleased with the fit. I was lucky enough to find lime green buttons to go with it. The fabric is a quilting cotton, and I wish that I could remember which line. If I figure it out I’ll include a link from the On The Rio Grande line, by Free Spirit.

Negroni shirt - version 2, short sleeves, no pockets

This will be my husband’s Christmas day shirt. Hooray, I got it finished in time! And just for some added interest, had anyone else noticed this resemblance:

Separated at birth?  Mr Thornberry and Griff Rhys Jones

Mr Thornberry and Griff Rhys Jones. Separated at birth?

Stop press: Check out this shirt that Jennifer made for a friend’s baby back in June 2011!  Snap!
Great minds clearly think alike.


16 thoughts on “gone fishing

  1. I straight away thought of the one Jen made that she’s linked to as well! I love this Lara – and how pleased does he look!!
    Looks like a great fit too – perfect for ‘fishing’…

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