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Lily #1 (the trawler/Rapunzel dress)

This pattern is a definite winner for me – the Tessuti Lily dress.

Tessuti "Lily" Dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I have some beautiful linen that I want to make this up in, but thought that I should try it first in a cheaper fabric to check the fit. This fabric is from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 per metre table, and as it turns out it is absolutely lovely. Very soft cotton, but in a similar tightness of weave to the linen that I will use next time. And I love the print! My husband calls this the “trawler” dress, since he thinks that it looks like a whole lot of fishing net.  Edited to add: Lee comments that it should really be called the Rapunzel dress, as they are plaits, not rope.  I think that she is right!

Tessuti "Lily" Dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

There is a lot to like about this dress. For one, the pockets! They have a lovely little fold/twist feature at the top, which isn’t hard to do if you don’t overthink the instructions. There is also a tutorial on the Tessuti blog for how to do the pockets, but I found it simpler just to read the instructions and have a go. There are also tucks at the hemline not far from the side seams, two sets in the front, and two sets in the back. The dress just slips on over the head. I made my own binding for the neckline, pretty much ignoring that pattern piece.

Tessuti "Lily" Dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I cut this out as size Medium, and am pleased with the fit through the shoulders and the bust. I shortened the sleeves a couple of inches by taking a fold out of the pattern piece about half way down, and am pleased with the finished length.

Tessuti "Lily" Dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

The pattern is available in print at home or a copy shop options. There was no way that I wanted to print out and tape together all those pieces, so I put the copy shop option onto a USB stick and took it to a copy centre that does plan printing. It cost me $6.60 to have it printed on one big sheet. A much better option than getting out all that tape!

Tessuti "Lily" Dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I really recommend this pattern if you are after a loose, comfortable but stylish dress. I’m looking forward to making it in the solid linen. I’ve also seen it made sleeveless and with shorter sleeves before, so I think that it is quite versatile in that regard.


10 thoughts on “Lily #1 (the trawler/Rapunzel dress)

  1. It’s a very nice dress indeed, Lara. Instead of calling it a ‘trawler’ dress, I’d probably call it ‘the ‘Rapunzel’ dress, because the pattern is a big plait. I think that pockets are extremely underrated – I’m a huge fan. I think the dress looks lovely on you 🙂
    Lee x

  2. Thank you for the tip about getting the pattern printed at a print centre as I too would find the whole taping the pieces of paper together process very annoying. Your version of the dress looks great.

  3. Looks good! I’ll be wearing my Lily tomorrow – it is perfect on really hot days. I really like wearing clothes that don’t pull, bind or restrict in any way, particularly in summer. Actually my ideal clothes would not touch my body at all, but something that hangs loosely from my shoulders is about the closest I can get to that.

    Great value on your printing for $6.60! So much better than sticking together huge number of sheets. I think ignoring the binding pattern piece was a good idea. I made an XL, and the binding piece was something like 30cm longer than it needed to be. Glad I measured the neckline before I went crazy looking for a big enough spot to lay out their pattern piece on the fabric.

  4. Whenever I see this it looks so cool and comfortable. Thanks for the printing tip – I printed off my new Tessuti Mia pattern there today!
    Well done you – working your way through that list…

  5. I like this dress as well. It’s hard to see the details on the monitor though because the large print draws your eye away from them. I’d like to see this one again in the linen. It’s hard sometimes because the monitor is two dimensional and flat but I’d make this up for myself I really like it.

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