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Kwik Sew 3467 view B

There are still a few of my Sewjourn makes left to show you (and I’ve even made some more things since).  One that I am rather pleased with is Kwik Sew 3467, view B.

Kwik Sew 3467 view B

I love the colour, I love the deep v-neckline, I love that it is fitted through the bust but has the underbust pleated feature that also allows room for my spare tyre, I love that the armholes aren’t too deep and my bra is properly covered, and I love that the centre back seam gives it shape without being too tight.

Kwik Sew 3467 view B

I barely had enough scraps left over from one of my renditions of Vogue 1250 to make this top, and actually used leftover bamboo/lycra jersey to make the binding strips for the armholes and the neckline. I suspect that I’ll get a lot of wear from this over summer – it’s particularly good with my Kerry pants. There is also a long-sleeved version which I know I’ll make for winter. I sewed the size Medium, and took 5/8″ tucks in two places on the pattern pieces to shorten the body length (as I usually do).

Kwik Sew 3467 view B with StyleARC Kerry (cargo) pant

So, here we are on the 4th of December. Shall I share with you what I want to get sewn before Christmas? Then you can work out the math as to whether I am likely to achieve it – remembering that I will still be working two (or three) days per week before then and am going away for the weekend on Friday.  But if I publish this list, then I will feel accountable.

  • Skirt for Freya – almost done, just some handstitching to go
  • Top for Freya (cut out)
  • Shirt for Mr Thornberry (cut out)
  • Bubble dress for Stella (cut out)
  • Vintage dress for Clare (cut out)
  • Dress for baby Chloe (my great-niece) (cut out)
  • Top & bloomer set for baby Chloe (cut out)
  • Linen Lily dress for me for Christmas Day
  • Coordinating sateen peplum jacket for me for Christmas Day – just in case, you never know the Melbourne weather

and if I have any remaining seconds left in which to sew/crochet

  • Seashell dress for Clare (cut out)
  • New Look dress for Stella (cut out)
  • Tiramisu dress for me
  • Crocheted hat/gloves for a colleague
  • A-line skirt for a friend
  • Lily dress for a friend
  • various crocheted hats and gloves as teacher gifts.

Yeah, right.


12 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3467 view B

  1. What a great top – that neckline and colour looks really lovely on you. Good luck with your sewing list – I’ve not been game to write one up because I’d be completely overwhelmed and end up doing very little 🙂

  2. That top is so nice. I love the colour and the darts at the bust. It looks great on. Good luck with your plans. It is so hot here I can hardly think let alone sew. I wish I had a pool… sew, jump in the pool, sew, jump in the pool….

  3. I’m loving this top on you. And, as I too like to hide a spare tyre, I’ll be buying this pattern! In other thoughts, as you’ve made it in my colour and size, you’ll know where it is if it goes missing off your clothes line!

  4. The top is fabulous – fits you perfectly. Well done.

    As for the list, I recommend identifying the top three must-dos, because you need to enjoy the holidays and your daughters’ delight in them as much as getting these things done – if not more. I have had to learn not to allow my lists to “bully” me.

    It’s a pleasure and privilege to follow your blog.

    who is on the other side of the globe where Christmas isn’t so warm and sunny!

  5. Hi Lara….. I recognise that top!!!!!!! ha…….just wanted to say have been looking through your blog and absolutely loving it – tis so good to see how patterns look and work ….oh and because its such a really big long blog… I’ve read some things and now can’t remember where I’ve seen them…… next time I see you I have a few quick questions…….please!!!!!!!!

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