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hula hoops and sailboats

Just a couple more skirts for the girls to show off.  A Hula Hoop skirt for Stella, in size 5.

Hula Hoop Skirt

Red linen on one side, and a large Cath Kidston style floral on the reverse. Stella chose the fabrics and seems very pleased with them.  Interestingly (surprisingly!) she is choosing to wear the red side out most of the time – although she does vary which side is the right side throughout the course of the day.  Clare also chose the fabrics for her Hula Hoop skirt, in size 8.

Oliver + S Hula Hoop Skirt for Clare

Tula Pink quilting cotton on one side, and beige linen blend on the other. A little more sophisticated for my nearly ten year old!

Oliver + S Hula Hoop Skirt for Clare

I also made a second Sailboat skirt for Clare while at Sewjourn, in denim remnants. The warp is one colour and the weft another, so it has a shot appearance with an orangey reverse.

Oliver + S Sailboat Skirt

There is a little kick pleat in the centre back, and orange snaps as fasteners instead of buttons. There is a centre front seam because I barely had enough fabric scraps!


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