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another Hopscotch

Yes, it’s another Hopscotch dress!  This time for Clare.

Oliver + S Hopscotch dress

Oh, quality fabric makes such a difference! This is a beautiful cotton/lycra that was sourced by a friend. It sews and wears incredibly well (I have a Renfrew in the same fabric and luckily have enough left for a summer top for myself). I worked hard to line up the stripes as well as I could when cutting out, and made sure that the neck band had a fine black stripe going right around it.

Oliver + S Hopscotch dress

And the obligatory shot of the back of the dress – you can see how simple it is but still nicely shaped with a very gentle flare. You can also see my efforts at a french braid – something that I rarely do and need more practice with.

Oliver + S Hopscotch dress

This is size 8 for Clare, which is a nice fit throughout. She actually measures smaller than this for Oliver + S patterns, but I’m happy with the 8 in most things. I promise that I will put this pattern aside for a little while now. Although I do have some beautiful Liberty floral cotton-lycra that this would work well with.

Oliver + S Hopscotch dress


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