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McCalls 8238 (vintage)

You might remember that upon my return from Sewjourn I just wasn’t feeling the love for McCalls 8238.  For some reason, when I put it on, it just wasn’t me.  I knew that part of it was how high the neckline was, but that wasn’t all.  The darts were a little high, and the bias cut flowed over and highlighted my curves, including the extra curves around my middle.  I deliberated about how I could alter it, but still couldn’t get enthused.  Then a vision flashed before my eyes – a vision of my friend Rachael, and how much this dress would probably suit her exactly as it was.

McCalls 8238 (vintage)

She popped over to try it on, and I was right – it was absolutely her. I forced her into allowing me to take her photo in it for blog display as payment.  I didn’t even give her time to put her shoes on, being worried that she might back out!

McCalls 8238 (vintage)

Rachael is way, way taller than me, and has a waist – and this dress looks SO much better on her! Hooray! The print really suits her colouring and her general style. I’m so pleased – as is she.

So it’s on to making a Lily dress for me instead.


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