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what I wore – weeks 45 & 46

Christmas is far too close now.  After all, I still have Christmas sewing to do!  A dress for me, a dress for Clare, a dress for Stella, a top and skirt for Freya, a shirt for Dan – luckily they are all cut out and ready to sew, but I think that I’ll have to draw up some sort of sewing timetable to keep myself on track.  I had an unexpected day off work yesterday because Miss Stella came down with an ear infection (and spent many hours wide awake in bed with me overnight – and I’m not used to that any more) which did allow me to finish off some cutting.  I’m a little worried about my Stella though – we’re going to see an audiologist, because it looks as though she has chronic otitis media.  Time to get it all checked out properly.  She’s such a tough little kid though – doesn’t complain unless things are really bad.  The doctor couldn’t quite believe how well she presented in comparison to how bad her eardrum looked.  She also refuses medication.  Just wants Mummy.  Anyway, she’s on the improve again and I’m sure that we’ll get these recurrent ear infections sorted soon.

So back to my (bulging) wardrobe!  Here’s almost all the clothes that got an outing over the past two weeks.

what I wore - weeks 45 & 46

My black and white striped dress is on regular rotation – I think it’s getting worn each week.  Must think about that in terms of future wardrobe planning.  Looking back over these photos I realise that I am a definite fan of stretch fabrics, whether woven or knit, and strategic draping.  I’m also a fan of wine and chocolate.


4 thoughts on “what I wore – weeks 45 & 46

  1. Mr N had chronic bilateral ear infections and we didn’t even know!! It was only when he started saying he couldn’t hear me that we noticed. All good now after T & A’s removed to allow them to drain. I really hope Stella feels better soon. It is no good have sick kiddies. L x

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