new Butterick patterns I haven’t bought

Butterick have released some new patterns.  I don’t actually own many Butterick patterns – not quite sure why, maybe they don’t go on sale as often as some other pattern lines – but there are quite a few that I fancy for me in this release.  I always find it more helpful to look at the line drawings of the garments than the photos, since then I don’t get as distracted by the model’s pose or the fabric they’ve made the item in or how it has been styled.

Butterick 5862 – although someone has had a problem with knowing the different between a drawing of the front and the back.  I know, it’s yet another wrap dress, but I think that this one looks a little more flattering than many, and I like the sleeve length options.

Butterick 5858 – I love the dramatic sweep of the skirt combined with the long top.  It’s styled in a very 20s way in the photo.  I probably wouldn’t make this, but I like it.

Butterick 5848 – rather dramatic, interesting seaming, loose and comfortable.  Ignore the fact that they say it’s also suitable for maternity….

And last but not least, Butterick 5856 – all that ruching and draping would be quite flattering in the right knit.

But I do have to ask, what were the designers of Butterick 5853 thinking with that bow placement on an otherwise lovely dress?


14 thoughts on “new Butterick patterns I haven’t bought

  1. I love it when you find patterns Lara – because they often suit me too!!
    That bow is a crack up – why didn’t anyone say something!
    I really like 5856 – particularly the one with the two toned effect.

  2. yep, I wondered if you were dipping into a few genres and today confirmed it for me…you’re writing your material for your first stand up show aren’t you? ;), you’re a funny lady xx I’m keen on that wrap dress and I see they make it in big sizes…thanks, you great enabler, you

  3. I do love the expression on that model’s face “WTF?” That bow is weird.

    I really like the look of the wrap dress. I think that if it were fitted properly, it would be a flattering style for me. I worry that fittng might be tricky in that style though…

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