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Simplicity 2254

Usually after I’ve been to Sewjourn I don’t touch my sewing machine or overlocker for more than a week.  This time has been no exception, although I do have some pre-Christmas sewing plans.  I’d like to make Christmas dresses for myself, Stella, Clare, a shirt for my husband, and a top and skirt for my cousin Freya.  That is, let’s see, six items.  In less than five weeks, which will also involve a weekend camping trip, a visit to my parents, assorted work Christmas functions, and the odd meeting or two. Eeeeeeek!

Anyway, back to Sewjourn sewing.  Rachel kindly gave me Simplicity 2254 last time that we were at Sewjourn, so this time I made it!  I used scraps of mystery knit left over from another project.  There was very little fabric but I managed to squeeze out View D, the shorter length and shorter sleeves, with no fancy embellishments or details.

Simplicity 2254, view C

This top turned out much more nicely than I’d anticipated. It’s actually drafted for wovens, but I figured that it would be fine in a knit. As you know, I like an empire line top; it flows over my middle rolls better than something fitted, which just tends to highlight them with a sausage casing effect. I know that many people worry about looking pregnant in empire lines – I figure that at my age, most people won’t make that assumption. And comfort wins out. There is elastic threaded through a casing made from the seam allowances in the back, between the upper and the skirt portion of the top. It brings the top in nicely to hug the body and give it more definition.

Simplicity 2254, view C

My only criticism of this top is that the neck band doesn’t completely hug the body through the front neckline, but stands away slightly in a couple of places. This is probably because I cut the facing on the cross grain, due to fabric limitations. In retrospect, I should have probably just cut the facing from a coordinating fabric – but I didn’t think of that at the time. Ah, hindsight, you’re such a wonderful thing! I really like this top with my StyleARC Elle pants.

Simplicity 2254, view C

Although I haven’t done any sewing over the past week, I did enjoy some sewing related activity. I joined seven other Melbourne sewing bloggers for a meet at The Fabric Store (where some bright orange cotton/lycra may have been purchased for another pair of Elle pants) and then on to the Alannah Hill clearance store (where some – gasp – LIBERTY floral cotton/lycra may have been purchased for tops for Clare and Stella). Of course, after all that fabric perusal we need to sit down and refresh ourselves with a beer/cider/champage at Little Creatures.

Little Creatures-1286
(Rachel, me, Anna, Leigh and Steph – the others had to depart before this was taken.  Photo blatantly stolen from Rachel)

As always, it was so much fun to talk fabric and patterns and construction with other women who care about it! Thanks to all of you for a fun afternoon.  I felt a little younger and hipper and groovier being out with you all, and enjoyed all the people watching along Brunswick St and Johnston St as I wandered back to the tram in the spring afternoon sunshine.  It reminded my of my long-ago uni days…

Has anyone been wondering about my bedroom renovation? The wardrobes have been installed, and they are now FULL.


Oh my goodness. So many clothes. Too many clothes.  I need to get rid of some of them, but find it SO difficult to give away clothes that I have made, and clothes that I like. I’m also grappling with giving away the clothes that don’t currently fit me. I’ve put on well over five kilograms since this time last year, and many of my clothes either don’t fit at all or aren’t comfortable. Shall I just get rid of them and keep what fits now, planning to make more if/when I lose the extra weight, or do I hang on to them waiting for them to fit again? This is an ongoing issue for me, and is part of the reason why I own so many clothes – I have my fat clothes and my thin clothes, because weight fluctuations are a common thing for me. What to do? But I have to say, it is wonderful having everything where I can see it.  And let me add, I do share this wardrobe with my husband – he gets two and a bit doors worth – it is not ALL mine!


Now there is the carpet to go in, then new curtains to replace the old ones that shredded when I washed them. Oops.


10 thoughts on “Simplicity 2254

  1. I think that Alannah Hill store is worth checking every now and again – they often have some great stuff but it’s luck of the draw.
    Love the wardrobes and that top does look great with those Elle pants, very nice combo.

  2. Your top looks really great and I love the wardrobes. I am hoping to get some new wardrobes before Christmas too… That will be such a luxury. I think that is the same green in my son’s room… really fresh and happy.

  3. I would put the clothes that don’t fit and you still like in a plastic bin and shove them up the manhole! I am lucky, because my husband has created a floored storage cupboard up the manhole. It is great for rarely used but loved treasures.

    The new top looks fantastic. I am thinking about making a similar one using my favourite knit dress pattern.

  4. once again, you’ve made me have a chuckle. Girls day out sounds very fun, you bright young thing. I love the wardrobe and I REALLY LOVE that green paint I can get a tiny glimpse of.

  5. Andrea`s idea is great – I have done this too -put some clothes away in a large bag . Then if I haven`t pulled those clothes out within two years ( I was quite generous with the time allowance ) I take them to the op shop . Some clothes I have rescued and glad I didn`t get rid of them and others I haven`t missed.

  6. Can I ask how much fabric you used for your top? I have a 1m piece of Liberty 140cm wide I am trying to fit into a simple top pattern – would this work do you think? It doesn’t look like you gathered it much which is really flattering on you – great combo!

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