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patterns I like but haven’t bought (yet)

Okay, you know that I have a fabric stash.  You probably also know that I have a pattern stash.  (There is a yarn stash too, but let’s not mention that right now).  Each time that I decide to put myself on a pattern fast, the companies go and publish new ones to tempt me!  However, I have finally realised that many patterns are not styles that would suit my figure or my lifestyle, so I’m getting better at admiring many of the ones I love purely in the catalogues and on others without feeling compelled to purchase them myself.  That cuts down the realistic-for-me pattern pool considerably!  So, these are some patterns that I rather fancy at the moment, and think might work in my wardrobe.  Most of them have been around for a little while, and because it’s summer ahead, I’m thinking of warm weather sewing.  All the photos should be clickable links, if I’ve managed to work out how to do this successfully in WordPress.  Nope, didn’t figure it out.  But I’ve linked in the pattern number.

Vogue 8846 – interesting back treatment, and I love digitally printed fabrics.  But where would I wear it?

Vogue 1333 – I particularly like the skirt, but top might be worth a try too

Vogue 1292 – two very cool skirts.  I’ve seen these appearing in the blogosphere and they look terrific.

Vogue 1275 – interesting ruched centre front treatment, which helps to hide the stomach rolls.  I’d make it with short sleeves, but without the shoulder frills.

Butterick 5778 – it’s for two-way stretch fabric, which always appeals to me from a comfort perspective.  I’d make the longer length.

McCalls 6555 – I like the versions with the different coloured panels.  But this is super loose – could look like a tent.

McCalls 6556 – I’ve seen some terrific versions of this one (especially over at Gorgeous Fabrics)

I haven’t bought any of these, and I’m not intending to in the near future.  I need to sew from the pattern stash more first!  And there will always be new designs to tempt me – it’s nice to browse and get ideas.  Are there some patterns that you particularly have your eye on at the moment?


4 thoughts on “patterns I like but haven’t bought (yet)

  1. I can’t believe I STILL haven’t bought Vogue 1250. I think I’m concerned I will look too thin.
    McCalls 6553 Fashion Star dress – I really want to make this dress – really. Again think it might swamp me and the amount of fabric scares me…

  2. I try not to have my eye on any pattern, because I already have more in stash than I can sew in a 100 years. Luckily the newest Vogues aren’t particularly attractive to me, that makes life so much easier… (Although, the Kay Ungar dresses recently caught my attention LOL).
    I must admit that I actually do own 1275, but haven’t made it yet. I thought it would make an interesting look with a nice skirt – I absolutely love dresses and skirts, but skirts do ask for an interesting top in my opinion – especially in solid colours. That was my reason for buying this particular pattern. The only thing I have to do is actually make the thing…

  3. Oh, my fave is definitely Vogue 1275. Such an improvement over an everyday sort of tee. And I’m always tickled by the return of great styles. I had a dress identical to Butterick 5778 in about 1978 (high school). It was a lovely warm ivory color, and made from the “miracle” fabric: Qiana.

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