some recent links

Posts that I’ve been particularly interested in reading this week from around the blogs include:

Knitting therapy by block-a-day

Tanya’s story about what happened when she let her guard down

Mimi G on the good, the bad and the ugly of being a blogger

Kimberley’s post on what she looks for in second-hand garments and what she’s learned from them

Bloom’s story of her daughter’s illness and recovery

SewRuth sharing her experiences with skin cancer

Most of the blogs that I read are sewing/crocheting/dressmaking blogs.  I love reading them for their inspiration, education, community, and ideas – and to see the wonderful things that people are making!  But I also love it when people occasionally share  personal experiences and opinions too.  What we present on our blog is only a small part of who we are.  How could it possibly be more than that?  Most of us have busy lives and other commitments, loves, duties and responsibilities aside from our love of sewing.  To step outside of the format of “what I made” every now and then is always refreshing and interesting, especially when you consider that it often involves making ourselves a little more vulnerable.  Of course, the way that we respond to what we read is filtered by our own experiences.  Thanks to everyone who writes from the heart, or who encourages us to think about a topic in a different way, or from another perspective.  I love your work!  “Ordinary” people who are completely extraordinary.  I salute you.

But I’ll still be mostly blogging about “what I made” – until I have an extra three hours in every day…..


4 thoughts on “some recent links

  1. Love this. I’m somewhat opinionated… as evidenced in a response to one of your previous posts.
    Every day I think about what I would like to write but always hesitate because I’ve seen some of the highly personal vitriol some commenters pour on bloggers. Maybe I should just toughen up my rhino skin!

  2. I agree – I find it like a little insight into the person to read some of those honest personal accounts, and I quite like it – in some ways I feel it further unites the crafty blogging community.
    You do it too sometimes Lara and I have always enjoyed those posts, the one about selling your stuff vs not making to sell was one that immediately comes to mind.
    Thanks for the links.

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