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cherish maxi

It didn’t take long for me to make a second Cherish dress after the success of the last one (and thank you for all the positive feedback on it too).  This time I used a print (from Darn Cheap Fabrics) in a smooth poly/lycra knit.  It feels incredibly silky against the skin.

Cherish dress - ankle length

I had just enough fabric to squeeze out the maxi length this time. Of course, maxi length for me is about four inches shorter than the maxi length on the pattern – after all, I am only 158 cm tall!  However, I feel that I somehow look taller in a maxi.

Cherish dress - ankle length

This time I cut the neck and armhole bindings a little narrower, at about one and three quarter inches rather than two inches wide. I only needed to use my sewing machine for the neckline gathering – otherwise this dress was sewn entirely on the overlocker. It took me less than an hour to make, including cutting out time (since the pattern was already taped together). And I didn’t hem it, but left the bottom edge raw.  Sacrilege!

Cherish dress - ankle length

Love love love this pattern! Now I’m planning on making a few short sleeved and/or sleeveless jackets/cardis/vests that will coordinate with both this Cherish and the solid orange one. A little bit of wardrobe planning! You can purchase your own copy of the Cherish pattern here.

I suspect that I might be living in these dresses this summer, especially the maxi version.  Great for minimising sun exposure while staying cool.  I visited the dermatologist again yesterday who re-emphasised the importance of SPF as high as possible (50+ for me, especially blocking UVA as well as UVB) on all exposed skin, in addition to a hat.    I just don’t have the appropriate skin type for Australia!  It’s that Scottish/English/German heritage.  Both my parents have had melanoma and my colouring and history puts me in the extremely high risk category for all types of skin cancers.  I now have regular skin checks and would recommend to everyone to follow those slip, slop, slap guidelines.  Take care of your skin and keep an eye on all spots and moles and get them checked out.

9 thoughts on “cherish maxi

  1. As winter starts to set in here I always have to double take now when I see a summer dress! The fabric is stunning, as is the dress itself – lovely. Your skin advice is extremely timely as I am currently sitting here with 2″ gashes in both thighs while the previously located moles are off for biopsy. This is the main reason I started sewing – I needed sleeves in everything and at the time the style was sleeveless – keep covered.

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