usb key fob

You may have already seen some lovely examples of Nikki’s latest pdf download, the usb key fob.  I was a pattern tester too!


My machine is still playing up, with highly erratic stitch tension, so my fob doesn’t look quite as perfect as it otherwise might. However, this is a terrific little pattern! Quick to make (have I mentioned before that I like quick?) and highly practical. I always have SO much trouble finding usb sticks in my bag – now I can just clip it onto the bag and won’t lose it in the bottomless depths!


I used a swivel hook on the end of my usb fob, because that is what I had, but even if I’d had a split ring of the appropriate size I prefer the hook for the ease of attachment to and removal from my bag. But if it is more practical for you to attach this to your keys, a split ring would be better. When the fob is folded in half and secured with a snap, the usb stick retracts into its little sleeve. Ingenious!


I’d never sewn anything like this before, but it was a snap with Nikki’s instructions and clever use of interfacings and tapes. I think that these usb key fobs would be terrific for fete stalls or for gifts that would suit both girls and guys depending on your fabric choice. I’ll be making more once I have a machine that sews properly! The pdf download is available here.


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