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You see, sometimes procrastination can be a good thing.  Many months ago, Homespun magazine published Nicole Mallalieu‘s craft tote.  I loved it, decided to make it,  bought the magazine, put the magazine in a corner.  The pattern required tracing – you know how I procrastinate about tracing.  I sewed up some other things.  Months later, Nikki put out a call for people to pattern test the tweaked and revamped and instructions-written-the-Nikki-way-not-the-Homespun-way pattern – now called the beauty case.  My hand went up quick smart, especially because Nikki also lent me her already on cardboard pattern pieces to trace around.  Win!

beauty case - pattern by Nicole Mallalieu (You Sew, Girl)

This is SUCH a cute pattern. It is described as for confident sewers, which is accurate. There is a zip involved – although Nikki’s instructions make that easy – and you need to be able to sew curved pieces to straight pieces – which is easy if you are used to setting in sleeves. The biggest challenge for me was to sew the binding down by machine. I usually wimp out and sew the first side by machine but the second finishing seam by hand. But no longer! I have conquered the use of the tailor’s awl (every time I write or say “tailor’s awl” I think of Karen‘s daughter singing “Tailor’s awl as time” from Beauty and the Beast) to really hold down the binding as I machine sew it. Hooray!

beauty case - pattern by Nicole Mallalieu (You Sew, Girl)

I used left-over fabric from Clare’s dress for the outer of the beauty case, lining it with Vera Bradley fabric that has been in my stash for years and years. They worked together beautifully! I used a yellow and white spot for the inner pockets. There is a pretty little flower shaped zipper pull, and overall I love the way that this has turned out. Look at all that room inside!

beauty case - pattern by Nicole Mallalieu (You Sew, Girl)

I am going to use this to keep all the sewing accessories that I sometimes misplace – such as bias binding makers, ruffler and bias binding feet for the machine, the gizmo that I use to mark buttonholes, extra bobbins, etc etc etc. I’m also planning on making one for each of the girls for their next birthdays. I reckon that any little girl would love one of these to carry treasures, toiletries, toys, or sewing projects in! The pattern has just been released. You can check the stockists page to find out where to get one.


10 thoughts on “beauty case

  1. Oh Lara it looks gorgeous – the colours work great – you are so productive!!
    I also think of that song every time I sew with the awl – I wish I had known how to use one when I machine sewed the binding on the girls toiletry bags – the result is so much cleaner.

  2. Hi Lara just sticking back through some of your blogs and reading the comments that come your way that are critical, honestly, how rude, just want to say I love what you do in the craft world and the sewing world, you inspire me to keep sewing…your photos are great as they do show the real thing, this is how this will look, I appreciate your effort to share with those that read your blog.
    Yours is not the 1st blog that has commented on peoples rude comments, I’m shocked.
    Anyway Lara I’ll just say this GO GIRL!!!

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