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cappucino capri cover

With the occasional warm day sprinkled amongst the cold ones, I was inspired to crochet something lacy and summery.  Enter the Capri Cover.

Capri Cover

This was surprisingly quick to crochet – maybe because I had the opportunity for some extended crochet sessions when I began it. It’s crocheted in Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8ply, colour Cappucino (now discontinued, sadly).

Capri Cover

Crocheted in the round, back and the front the same, with negative ease. I chose to crochet the 36 3/4 inch bust size, and the resulting top is more fitted than I’d really have liked. However, this does mean that the holes at the tip of each pineapple in the yoke land above my bust rather than right on it, which is a good thing! I’ve seen this lengthened to a dress, which would be rather lovely – but as it so happens, I’ve got a different cotton dress on the hook at the moment.  Maybe after I finish that one I could give this one another go, sized up and in dress length.  Hmmmm………

Capri Cover

This isn’t how the top will be styled in actual wear (leggings are not pants!) – it will most likely go over a skirt or looser pants, and I have a variety of coloured tanks and sleeveless tees that will go under it. I will also have lost a little weight by the time that summer truly rolls around.  But I needed to get these photos snapped while I had the opportunity so I threw off the dress I had on over my leggings and threw on a top and the Capri Cover and threw the camera into Mr Thornberry’s hands. Details of my Capri Cover are on Ravelry here.  The new Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton shade card has just come out, and in contrast to last year’s pastels only, this year there is a wonderful range of 15 colours.  I am dreaming of what I can crochet in cotton – maybe next year’s BAMCAL blanket?


8 thoughts on “cappucino capri cover

    1. That is FUNNY! Honestly, this one took me about ten days – but with two five-hour blocks of crochet in there to move it along (I love going to family social events where I can sit and chat and hook away). I find that I need to mix the quick in with the slow…

  1. It’s a lovely top, and in case you are interested I just saw some of the Cappuccino cotton being destashed on The Ravelry Australian Knitters Group. 5 balls on Post 1055.
    I had a crocheted dress that colour with a silky lining when I was a little girl!!

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