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2012 BAMCAL extras

The 2012 BAMCAL provides us with two twelve inch squares each month, giving a total of twenty-four for the year.  I have decided on a blanket of five by six blocks, which meant that I needed to work six extra squares.  I did two extras earlier in the year, and last month worked the other four.

First up is Cat’s Claw (free Ravelry download).  This square uses lots of long post stitches, and I think that it is very effective.

2012 BAMCAL Extra - Cat's Claw

Secondly, Stained Glass Square. This is quite different to the other squares, and is a very welcome addition.

2012 BAMCAL Extra - Stained Glass Square

Third is Duckbill Dalliance. This one is a nine inch square, so I added a few more rows to bring it up to size.

2012 BAMCAL Extra - Duckbill Dalliance

And the last of my extra blocks is Maggie’s Square.

2012 BAMCAL extra - Maggie's Square

My blocks are not all quite the same size at this stage, but they’re not far off one another. I’ll probably use a joining technique that will enable me to fudge any differences so that they aren’t really noticeable in the finished blanket. And to give you an idea of how it is looking all together so far, we have this mosaic:

2012 BAMCAL - January to September with extras (24 squares)

I’m still not certain what colour I’ll join the squares with. After seeing them in the mosaic with a light background, I think that I’ll choose a fairly light colour – originally I was considering using the same dark brown that I’ve used in the blanket (which is why none of the outer rounds of any of my squares are in that dark brown). I don’t want it to look too heavy. Anyway, no need to make a decision about that just yet – and I still have some ends to weave in for all those extra squares.


12 thoughts on “2012 BAMCAL extras

  1. I love the colours you have chose this year. Your squares all look wonderful. I started out doing the squares this year but somewhere along the way (in about April!) I got way behind and don’t quite have the motivation to catch up. I might try and do a few more squares and just make a small blanket. Next year I am going to be organised enough to pre order wool like you have and then I might actually get it done!

  2. Ooooh, very drool worthy I love your squares and I just love the colours you chose for them. I still remember the last CAL you did and how wonderful it was and this is shaping up to be just as nice if not better. Love, love it.

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