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summer sewing plans – for the girls

Yesterday was a stunning warm spring day in Melbourne.  Of course, by the weekend it will be cold again, but it was enough to have me ferreting through the stash and wildly pulling down brightly coloured fabrics and tossing patterns onto my cutting table.  I quickly called the girls, and we started to pair patterns and fabrics together to plan my summer sewing.  Be warned – there are many photos ahead!

First up, a Feliz dress for each of the girls, from Heather Bailey fabrics. Must learn to use my ruffler first!  Must also find my copy of the pattern (although it is in the “Sewing Clothes Kids Love” book as well, which I have).

Feliz dresses for Clare & Stella

Croquet dresses for each of the girls. This is a border print, and I’m looking forward to playing with the pattern placement. They both want the same fabric for this dress. It’s a cotton voile from Darn Cheap Fabrics.

Croquet dresses for Clare & Stella

Shorts for Clare. Black denim, with the floral trim. I’ve made skirts from this denim before, and it washes up to be incredibly soft.

Shorts for Clare

More shorts for Clare. Blue denim, with pink trim. It will coordinate with lots of her clothes.

Shorts for Clare

Voile blouse for Clare. I suspect that this will get loads of wear. It looks cool and comfortable, and easy to construct.

Top for Clare

Voile bubble dress for Stella. Have already subjected myself to taping together the pattern pieces (it was a pdf download). I like not having to pay postage for pdf patterns, and that they are instant and easy to reprint when making different sizes, but oh boy I hate all that taping together.

Dress for Stella

Seashore sundresses for each of the girls. Clare’s fabric pick on the left, Stella’s on the right.

Seashore Dresses for Clare & Stella

Badminton dresses for each of the girls. Clare’s fabric pick on the left, Stella’s on the right.

Badminton Dresses for Clare & Stella

Best Dresses for each of the girls. Clare’s fabric pick on the left, Stella’s on the right. Clare wants the v-neck with frilled sleeves and gathered skirt, as per the cover. Stella wants the round neck, frilled sleeves, and whatever skirt I like as long as it is twirly. Can do.

Best Dresses for Clare & Stella

Dress for Stella. I’ll find a coordinating fabric from stash and do the version with the underskirt and contrasting godets.

Dress for Stella

Dress for Stella.

Dress for Stella

Another dress for Stella. She wants the version in the red on the pattern cover. I’ll use a solid red for the contrasting heart applique.

Dress for Stella

And last but a very long way from least, a Fairy Tale Dress for Clare.

Dress for Clare

My goodness, what an awful lot of dresses! Of course, that is only what is planned – I wonder what will actually get made? There are also two summer dresses for Clare already cut out from earlier in the year, and one for Stella in the same situation. I promise to finish them before I make a start with the scissors on any of the above choices!  I did ask both girls if they wanted anything in solid fabrics, and the answer was a resounding “no”.  Are you planning some summer sewing too?


12 thoughts on “summer sewing plans – for the girls

  1. Ooooh, I love planning! Think it is my favourite part of sewing 🙂
    Can’t wait to see all of these become reality – fab fabric choices
    I’ve been working on my summer sewing for a couple of weeks – I like summer sewing, much more than winter

  2. Wow Lara that is a lot of sewing!!
    I love all those patterns and have plans for them all – my favourites – the Darn Cheap border print will look fabulous as a croquet and I am a bit partial to Clare’s choices for strong colours!
    Good luck – I think I may be seeing a few of these projects at Sewjourn…

  3. That looks really good, what a cheerful fabrics and nice patterns!
    Summer in The Netherlands is just over, autumn has started and today is a rainy and stormy day. I am planning a lot of autumn/winter sewing 😉

  4. You are going to be a very busy lady, Lara!!! It’s great that your daughters know exactly what they want … and that they want to wear homemade. Good luck getting it all done.

    Cold and very wet here in Germany. Need to dig out my daylight lamp just to see enough to sew even in the middle of the day.

  5. Oh my! Your stash is AMAZING!! Those are all fabulous. I shopped the boys stash yesterday and have already cut out 6 pairs of shorts. It certainly is clearing out the stash and making room for my fabric.

  6. Wow! What ambition! I like how you’ve photographed the patterns with the fabric. The kids clothing week challenge is starting Monday. You just need to sew for one hour a day for a week. I don’t think you would have any trouble with that.

  7. I love what your girls selected – planning can be a lot of fun. This warm weather has thrown me into a spin, there doesn’t seem to be anything in my wardrobe suitable for beautiful spring days. Time to get sewing.

  8. How did I miss this post! We have so many of the same patterns and I’m looking forward to seeing these dresses for the girls. I’ve just finished my croquet dress for Maya but it doesn’t suit her 😦

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