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hula hoop skirt for Clare

I strongly suspect that this pattern will be my go-to skirt pattern for a little while.  Twirly, elasticised waist, no gathering to do, all seams fully enclosed, reversible.  Everything to love, and nothing to dislike!

Hula Hoop skirt - size 8

This was sewn up one evening while Clare was off on Guide Camp earlier this week. I have to say, my big girl has had the best school holidays! I’m a little sad that today is the last day. I’ve suggested to Clare that she could make herself some more of these herself if she likes, without any help from me. I wonder what she’ll choose from my stash?

Hula Hoop skirt - size 8

She has decided that she prefers it with the blue and pink spotty side out. Funny, I thought she’d prefer the strawberry side! Maybe her tastes are beginning to get a teensy bit more sophisticated.


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