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Butterick 5676

First things first – I loved how this dress (Butterick 5676) looked when I finished sewing it together, pressed it, and hung it on a coat hanger.  I was also quite happy when I put it on, despite noticing some small fitting issues.  Then I saw the photos.  And felt quite despondent.  This dress looked SO much better to me in real life!

Butterick 5676

I suppose that I should start with what I like about it.

  • the colour
  • the hand top-stitching – I LOVE the hand top-stitching!  And yes, I chose the copper brown perle cotton
  • the fabric – ponte is incredibly comfortable to wear and easy to sew.  I bought it from Spotlight.
  • the shaped panels
  • the sleeve length
  • the skirt length
  • the v-neckline

Butterick 5676 - running stitch detail

And now to what I don’t like:

  • the sleeve heads puff up too much; I think that there is too much ease.  I may unpick the sleeves and both shave a bit off the sleeve cap and cut the armhole in further.  It looks way too wide across the back shoulders.
  • all those bloody wrinkles across the centre back.  Do I need a sway back adjustment?  I didn’t make my usual short torso adjustment on this dress, due to all those panels on the front.  Maybe I should have?

Butterick 5676

I really did almost feel like crying after I saw the photos.  I wore the dress all day to work yesterday, and felt good it it – before I saw the photos!  The colour suits me, it’s extremely comfortable to wear, and was work appropriate.  But in these photos the fit just doesn’t look as it could.

Butterick 5676

In terms of the sizing, I cut size 12 through the neckline and sleeves, and widened to a 14 around the body.  I left out the zip, because I used ponte, and used both the overlocker and the machine for construction.  The hem is actually just secured with vliesofix at this stage; I’m still considering a row or three of the same hand top-stitching around the hem as elsewhere on the dress.

Butterick 5676

I went out for dinner last night wearing this dress and my All Shawl.  A woman sitting nearby leaned over at the end of the evening and complimented me on my shawl – describing it as a “statement piece” and admiring the way that it draped.  I felt so much better after that!

Butterick 5676

And thankfully, the other dress that I made recently is a hit – I wore it to work today and had lots of unsolicited compliments! Hooray! I’ll blog it next.


20 thoughts on “Butterick 5676

  1. I wouldn’t have noticed any of those issues had you not mentioned them. Your dress looks lovely and I think the hand stitching is the perfect finishing touch. Could you get away with a few cheat repairs like a bigger seam allowance around the arm opening and an additional v shaped dart following the natural crease in the back top stitched to match the rest?

  2. I agree with Anna – I saw a beautiful colour, amazing hand stitching and how good it looks around your behind! I think you should wear it with pleasure – photos never show how a garment looks when worn accurately

  3. My experience is that photos are rarely as good as real life….and the dress actually looks pretty darn good. Some of the wrinkles at the back are probably just because you have your hand on your hip. We don’t just stand still in real life. I love the topstitching. Enjoy your dress.

  4. I agree with everyone above. That dress is stunning! The hand stitched embellishment is just awesome and to me if a dress doesn’t have some wrinkles how will you move in it? I know the prevailing wisdom is that the garment is suppose to be totally straight and unwrinkled but you don’t live your life posed in one position. Finally you know that dress fits you so much better than anything you could purchase in RTW, so I’m seeing a win-win all the way around!

  5. I think your dress is fantastic! Personally I would wear coloured tights with it, like red or deep fuschia pink (but that’s me – all about the coloured tights!). I think the dress would look equally great with some wedgy cork sandals. There is something quite scando about the style I think.

    I don’t think the back creasing thing is an issue AT ALL. The only thing with the sleeve is that perhaps more of the gather needs to be at the top of the armhole – that should stop the pleating that happens at the top of your arm when you raise it.

    Such a beautiful make, Lara. You’re inspiring!

  6. Like everyone, I think the dress looks lovely. The colour suits you beautifully and the topstitching is spectacular! And, yeah, how much of your time do you spend standing around with one arm stuck out on your hip like that? That’s automatically giving you a slightly off kilter view of things. You should indeed wear it with pride.

  7. I’m a bit late to this party Lara – but I agree with all the above – I think it looks great and I would be super-happy to buy a dress that fitted me like this does. Carolyn makes a very good point – you move all the time in clothing – you don’t stand still in one position for long.
    I love the top-stitching and think a few rows around the bottom is all this dress needs, it’s really lovely and looks great on you – you were right to feel good in it!

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