I’ve been trying to persuade Stella to get her hair cut into a bob for some time, even before she cut her own hair and ended up with rock-chick layers.  She whinges and complains every time that I comb her hair, and given that we have had an ongoing problem with nits this year, her hair gets fine-tooth-combed quite often!  All of a sudden last week she responded to my suggestion of a hair cut with “okay then” – so I raced her down to the hairdresser before she could change her mind.

Stella's new bob

I love it, but more importantly, she loves it! Although it does look quite angelic – and as delightful as my girl is, angelic is not a word often used to describe her. She also wants to grow out the fringe. I think that she looks so much more grown up now.  The cardigan is an Olearia, knitted by my Mum in something from Bendigo Woollen Mills.


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