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Mum’s hexagon progress

Remember my mother’s hand-pieced hexagons?  She’s finally decided how she’s going to join them, and has made a start.

Mum's hand-pieced hexagons - progress

I think that she’s chosen the perfect background print. She’s still hand-piecing these together. I’m not sure that I’ll ever have that patience!

Mum's hand-pieced hexagons - progress

My tiny contribution was rotary cutting the background triangles (with the help of some groovy quilting rulers that I bought from Material Obsession last year). Now I mostly just gaze at these hexagons and ooh and aah. I’m super impressed, Mum!

Mum's hand-pieced hexagons - progress

And you know what – Mum has no scraps left over from this project. She’s used everything. So completely the opposite to my stash and my scrap bin!


9 thoughts on “Mum’s hexagon progress

  1. The colours in this are divine, so soft and yesteryear. I once hand pieced an entire quilt for my mother. I must take a photo, it autumn leaves, she adores it. While hand piecing may seen like a horrendous pain, if you just do a seam or two a night you end up with a quilt in no time, and I’m sure you will agree they are so wonderfully soft compared to a machine stitched quilt – and the corners etc always match perfectly. Gotta love that!

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