what I wore

what I wore – week 34

I’ve been doing some sewing over the past week, in little dribs and drabs.  None of it has been clothing though!  I’ve trying to get a bag finished before the end of the month as part of Cam‘s bag sew along.  I am so close to getting it finished that I can almost smell success!  My husband is interstate tonight with work, so it might be a late one for me in my sewing room.  So, to the past week of garments:

what I wore - week 34

More exciting than my bag sewing has been watching Clare’s quilt sewing progress. She’s entering a quilt in the Quilter’s Companion under 35s quilt competition, and it is due in around two weeks time. She’s done a marvellous job of designing the quilt, selecting fabric, cutting, piecing, applique and now quilting. Just binding, a hanging sleeve and a label to go! Nothing like a deadline to get things happening. I look forward to showing you the finished quilt soon!


5 thoughts on “what I wore – week 34

  1. is it bad that, when my fella went out tonight (for, like, the first time all year), I was abit disappointed when I heard a car pull up and realised it was my friend from down the road…who stayed until he got home. That sounds so very anti social…just one of those times when reality doesn’t match my carefully planned sewing time! Gee you wear some fun clothes. Can’t wait to see your girls quilt, I think it’s so ace she’s participating in that challenge.

  2. Mine is away tonight but it’s been a night of cleaning and catching up on things that haven’t been done!
    Can’t wait to see the quilt.
    My Mods are not going to be finished but I love that the challenge has got me sorted with fabric and hardware and I have started cutting.

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