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hula hoop skirt

Over the past few weeks I’ve been assembling a quilt top, pretty much exactly the same as this one, from the leftover blocks.  This wasn’t difficult, but it was a bit slow.  To reward myself when I finished it, I made Stella a hula hoop skirt.


I knew that my girls would love this pattern as soon as I saw it. It’s a pdf pattern only, so it was quick to get, and there weren’t too many pieces of paper to tape together (I tend to avoid pdf patterns because of my dislike of the taping process). Two pieces of paper for the waistband/yoke piece, and eight pieces for the skirt flounce. I sewed size 5 for Stella.


This skirt is completely reversible – which is great on a couple of levels. It means that you don’t have to finish the seam allowances, and it give you two looks in one skirt!


Both fabrics are quilting cottons. I think that this took around an hour to sew, once the pattern was taped together and the fabric cut out. I think it could be done even more quickly if you weren’t trying to learn to use your fancy new iron at the same time! (LOVE the iron, by the way – huge thanks to my enabler who alerted me to the super special iron sale). Stella likes her new skirt because it twirls beautifully.


Clare has already chosen fabric for hers.


11 thoughts on “hula hoop skirt

  1. hmm, I really feel I “should” buy this pattern so I can have further assistance testing out my new iron…I am not sure I have ironed a “flounce” yet! Loving you girls dancing moves too. Also, you’ve reminded me how keen I am on grey and pink.

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