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spotty jarmies

Clare is currently away on school camp.  It is the third time that she’s been on camp with the school, so she’s an old hand at it now.  But she did need some new warm pyjamas to take with her!   Of course, I made her some.

pyjama top - Oliver + s hopscotch knit top; pyjama pants - Ottobre 6/2009 patt.35

And as you can see, I made a pair for Stella as well while I was at it. Accidentally. The last time I used this pattern was to make nighties for both the girls, and I cut out the smaller size last. So when I pulled it out of the packet, I forgot to check what size it was and just launched into cutting out. Fortunately I had loads of the fabric, so just made a pair for both. As I’ve said before, they do like to match! The fabric is a cotton/lycra, I think originally from Spotlight.

pyjama tops - Oliver + s hopscotch knit top

The top is the Oliver + s hopscotch top. Rather than use binding around the neckline, I used decorative elastic that was in stash. I sewed it with the right side of the elastic to the wrong side of the fabric with a zig-zag stitch, then turned it to the right side and used a zig-zag stitch again to secure it. I did the same thing around the sleeve hems. The decorative elastic was courtesy of Mum and the op-shop (thank goodness for Mum’s op-shop duty). Clare’s is edged in pink, and Stella’s in orange.  I used size 8 for Clare and size 5 for Stella.  And that pose of Stella’s in the photo above?  She has one arm around Clare and the other arm around her imaginary friend…

pyjama pants - Ottobre 6/2009 patt.35

The pants are a long-john style, with just one pattern piece for the legs and one for the cuffs. It was incredibly quick to sew. The pattern is Ottobre 06/2009, no.35. I made size 128 for Clare and 116 for Stella, but didn’t add the seam allowances when cutting out.  This makes them a little slimmer, which fits my girls better.  Ottobre usually includes hem and waist allowances, so the length was unchanged.

pyjama top - Oliver + s hopscotch knit top; pyjama pants - Ottobre 6/2009 patt.35

I am very pleased with these – they were a highly satisfying make. Stella is insisting that I also make her a pyjama skirt to mix and match with hers, in the same fabric. Since I do have enough, I reckon that I can do that for her – although I do think that a pyjama skirt is a little unusual!

pyjama top - Oliver + s hopscotch knit top; pyjama pants - Ottobre 6/2009 patt.35

She’s looking forward to her favourite big sister getting home from camp.


9 thoughts on “spotty jarmies

  1. Awwwww, so cute! These photos sum up the reasons why I always wanted a sister! These jarmies look so cosy I’m sure they’ll wear them until they’re worn out.

  2. These are so cute. It makes me wish my girl was little again. To comply with your daughters request, why don’t you make capris with an attached skirt for the spring and kill two birds with one stone.

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