what I wore

what I wore – week 33

I cannot completely believe my consistency – it’s up to 33 weeks of what I wore, and I rarely forget to take a daily photo! Often a blurry, not terribly attractive photo, granted, but a photo nonetheless. On to week 33:

what I wore - week 33

And we all are wondering: will the cold weather and the associated layering ever end? Not for a little while, I suspect. Just to prove to me that it’s still winter, Stella has an ear infection. I need good weather and good health for the whole family more this year than ever before! Maybe that explains why I have mentally started to plan my summer wardrobe…


2 thoughts on “what I wore – week 33

  1. And here I was wondering whether spring was starting to arrive yesterday – I thought I smelt a whiff of Jasmine on my way home but don’t remember when it’s supposed to flower so don’t know if i imagined it!

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