what I wore

what I wore – week 32

Another week, another illness.  This time it was my turn.  I have sinusitis, but armed with antibiotics, pain-killers and instructions from my doctor to “rest” (ha!  I’m a mother!  Rest?) I am gradually getting better.  This has been the winter of sickness for our family.  Thankfully I think it is almost all finished.  And I know that things could have been worse, and I am grateful that they haven’t been. So this is what I wore when I wasn’t in my pyjamas.

what I wore - week 32

Thanks for all the terrific feedback on Crochet Saved My Life – and thanks to the author for taking the time to respond to each comment! It seems as though this book has really struck a chord with many people.


5 thoughts on “what I wore – week 32

  1. Oh my goodness Lara – you just can’t take a trick!! If you’re not feeling well by Saturday, I’m sure the sewers catch up will give you a boost! (I can’t wait!) Take care and get well soon.

  2. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling much better by now! For the first time in my life I have not yet been afflicted with a winter illness even though I’ve been surrounded at work by chicken pox, flu, pneumonia and tonsillitis. Finally my immune system is doing something.

    All your outfits are always so inspiring. I can’t wait to get sewing clothes again.

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