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Butterick 5564

The same lovely friend that gave me the fabric for the skirt I showed last week gave me this medium weight grey jacquard knit fabric (among others).  Thanks again Annie for your generosity – and see, I do use the fabrics that you pass on to me!  I was originally unsure as to what I’d make from it, so went trawling through my rather extensive pattern stash.  And came up with Butterick 5564.  This pattern is a little unusual in the way that the “sleeves” attach to the bodice.  I sewed it up in size 14, apparently having forgotten my recent weight gain.  Whoops.

Butterick 5564 view C

This is the dress length. Remember too, that I am short – so that is really more of a tunic length as far as I am concerned. Leggings definitely required for me!  The neckline is also rather low, which was fine for this project as I planned on wearing it as a layer over something else, but something that you might want to consider if you are making it to be worn without anything underneath.

Butterick 5564 view C

Other than the pull lines where it is firm across my back – the same as with everything that I have made lately, you’d think that I’d learn – you can see the little pleats that provide shaping with the sleeves. You have to pay a lot of attention to the pattern markings when making this dress. There are pleats in both the front and back of the sleeves, and there is no underarm sleeve seam. Instead, the front and back of the sleeve meet where they are joined to the dress. Then there is an insert sewn over them that brings the sides up to underarm level and provide coverage and shaping. Interesting, but you have to take it slowly and pay attention – it would be easy to stuff this part up completely.

Butterick 5564 view C

I twin needled all the hems and the neckline. This was an interesting dress to make. There aren’t many versions of it on Pattern Review or out in blogland, but it’s worth taking a look at Rachel’s, which uses a check and fits her beautifully, and Carolyn’s, which uses stripes very effectively.


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