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McCalls 4882 skirt

One of my talented friends gave me this faux suede-like stretch fabric a little while ago.  After I completely mucked up one piece of it, I took my time in finding the right pattern for the second piece.  I think that I found it in McCalls 4882 (now out of print, but easy to find on eBay).

what I wore - 23/07/2012

I made view D. All the skirts in this pattern take a surprising amount of fabric, particularly this view. But once it is cut out, it is very simple to assemble. The yoke folds in half wrong sides together, and is shaped to be narrower at the waist than the hips. Because it is a stretch fabric, it just pulls on. No closures or fastenings. I cut the skirt pieces out with a rotary cutter, so didn’t even hem them. This fabric falls better in these shapes without a hem on the bottom.

McCalls 4882 view D

There is no defined front and back to this skirt – you can wear it either way around. All the skirt pieces are cut with the grain running down the centre of the piece. I took a couple of inches from the hem before I cut them out after reading some advice on Pattern Review and holding the pattern pieces up to my body. Looking at the above photo, I think that if I made it again I’d shorten the depth of the yoke as well – there is some wrinkling as it is.  This skirt was entirely assembled on the overlocker.

what I wore - 04/08/2012

Despite it being a fairly old pattern – once again, I’m way behind the trends – this skirt fits into my wardrobe quite nicely! It swishes beautifully when I walk. I’d like to have a go at making one of the other views at some stage.


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